Sunday, March 6, 2016


The 2015 season in fantasy baseball not only saw a ridiculous infusion of top-end third base talent but the always shallow shortstop spot always received a major boost in skill in the form of the Houston Astros' Carlos Correa and the Cleveland Indians' Francisco Lindor.  While Correa became that special player to turn into a first round fantasy baseball monster talent almost overnight, Lindor was no slouch himself as he himself helped in all five standard ROTO categories to put himself not far behind his counterpart in Houston.  As we look ahead to the 2016 season, those two could be joined by a third high-end shortstop prospect in the form of the Milwaukee Brewers' Orlando Arcia.  The Brewers certainly opened a bunch of eyes a few weeks ago when they dealt away starting shortstop Jean Segura to the Arizona Diamondbacks which many interpreted as their way of opening up a spot for Arcia.  While that notion was quickly shot down by the Milwaukee front office who said Arcia would not be rushed, it is time we should get a better familiarity with the kid and in the process be fully prepared to tap him in drafts over the next few weeks.  So let's dig in a bit more on Arica and find out where he could be headed with his potential numbers.

When looking closer at Arcia, we see more of a Lindor comparison then one to Correa.  Simply put, Arcia does not have the power that Correa has as he hit just 8 home runs at Double-A in 2015.  While Arcia can surely grow into more power as he develops, Lindor is the perfect comparison as his Indians counterpart hit 12 home runs in his 2015 debut in Cleveland.  On the plus side, Arcia hit .307 and also stole 25 bases which points to him as a very good asset in both categories.  Toss in a good runs total and supremely good defense and Arcia has a lot to offer to any owner who has the patience to wait a month or so for his 2016 debut. 

Again it is not out of reason to think Arcia could start developing more power this season no matter which level he is on but the bottom line is that he already is terrific with his pure hitting that shows up in a very good batting average.  Toss in 25-30 steal speed and a likely nice runs total and Arcia already is a plus guy in three categories with the potential for more.  We would keep a mid-round pick handy for Arcia at it is just a matter of time before he makes his way to the major leagues.  A top ten performance at shortstop is likely starting with his first major league game. 


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