Tuesday, March 22, 2016


When it comes to drafting pitchers for 2016 fantasy baseball, there are many varying strategies and methods to collect the best possible rotation in your league.  Whether it is grabbing an ace early or building on the extreme depth of the position in the middle rounds, there are more than a few modes of attack here.  However if you really want to think outside the box, there is on team in particular where fantasy baseball owners should be looking closely for top line starters.  In fact if you really want to be bold, just draft the entire staff.  We of course are referring to the New York Mets and their beyond dominant rotation that is filled with a slew if young studs who can throw in the upper-90's with pinpoint control.  Whether it is Matt Harvey, Jacob DeGrom, Noah Syndegaard, Steven Matz, or in due time Zack Wheeler, you can't go wrong with anyone on this staff.  So what did we do?  We went out and undertook this venture in a standard Yahoo mixed league draft in order to see how it would turn out and to see if it was in fact possible.  When it all was said and done, we did in fact draft the entire Mets rotation and in the process gave ourselves a frighteningly great stable of arms.  After going Bryce Harper and Joey Votto in Round 1 and 2, we tabbed DeGrom in Round 3, Harvey in Round 4, Syndegaard in Round 8, and Matz in Round 11.  We also grabbed Wheeler in Round 17 and even Bartolo Colon in Round 22 to round things out.  With said that, here are some quick snippets on each.

Jacob DeGrom:  While Harvey gets all the hype due to his pop culture habits, it can be argued that the DeGrom is the true ace of the Mets staff.  After a crazy eye-opening breakout in 2014 (2.69 ERA/1.14 WHIP/144 K), DeGrom even bettered those numbers last season (2.54 ERA/0.98 WHIP/205 K) which was a Cy Young-worthy campaign.  While he did fade in the postseason, DeGrom has shown himself to be durable and dependable above all else.  We think DeGrom's 2015 numbers are about as good as he can do as this is not a Chris Sale or Clayton Kershaw 240-K arm but DeGrom can be a sure ace on any fantasy baseball staff.

Matt Harvey:  A clear lover of the limelight, Harvey gets much more attention then his rotation-mate DeGrom.  Despite that, Harvey is every bit the ace DeGrom is and he does it with a bit more flash.  Harvey is all power and his comeback from Tommy John surgery last season was a tremendous success as he pitched to a 2.71 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, and 188 strikeouts.  Yes there was that whole issue over his innings and the Mets arguing publicly with his agent Scott Boras but Harvey pitched as well as could possibly be expected coming off the surgery.  What is scary is that Harvey should be even BETTER this season another year from the surgery and already this spring we have heard reports of his slider and curveball having more bite now that there is more flexibility in the joint.  Harvey very well could be the top pitcher on the team this season and a sub-2.50 ERA is possible.

Noah Syndegaard:  Wow.  That is the only word we can use to describe the monster potential of Syndegaard who reminds us so much of a righthanded Randy Johnson it is scary.  From the flowing locks, to the massive height, to the 100-mph fastball, to the nasty demeanor, Syndegaard has it all down pat being a Big Unit clone.  The fastball velocity is pure insanity as Syndegaard had the second best average speed on that pitch last season and the sky literally is the limit.  Syndegard is very capable of striking out 250 batters when he gets up there in innings as he further develops and he too can end up being the top pitcher numbers-wise on the Mets this season.  The only fear.....and it is a big that Syndegaard is the classic future Tommy John victim which is a procedure Matz, Harvey, and DeGrom have all had.  That is a very real concern here given the youth and velocity but the ability is so amazing that we have to try and look past this threat. 

Steven Matz:  Yes Matz has had a rough spring but he too has done nothing but dominant since the start of last season.  Matz toyed with hitters in Triple-A Las Vegas and the thin air of all places before coming to the Mets and pitching to a 2.27 ERA.  Now Matz does not have the pure heat of Harvey, DeGrom, or Syndegaard but the movement on his pitches is as good as anyone on the staff and he gets a bunch of swings and misses anyways with it.  There are some clear health concerns here as Matz went on the DL twice while with the Mets last season but the upside is tremendous. 

Zach Wheeler:  It will be sometime in June when Wheeler return to the Mets rotation and many forget how the hard-throwing righty was right there with anyone else on the staff in terms of hype.  Wheeler can really dial the fastball up and he started getting movement on the pitch the second half of 2014 that helped to yield more K's.  Then the elbow went bad and Tommy John was the result.  Wheeler has had pronounced control problems in his young career which will likely continue to be a problem when he returns but his stuff can be a handful for batters.  Could be a nice value play considering the cheap draft price. 

There you have it.  As always let us hear your thoughts.  Post below please. 


  1. Another idea could be all Rockies hitters...Arenado in 1, Blackmon in 2, SP/1B, SP, Cargo in 5th, then fill out your staff...LeMaheiu is getting no respect, Story/Parra can be had in the late rounds...just need a C and 1B somewhere during the draft.

  2. of combine the two. arenado in round 1, Blackmon in round 2, Harvey in 3, degrom in 4 and so on.