Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The similarities are striking.  From the flowing long hair, to the tall and lanky frames, to the missile of a fastball that comes in at triple digits, one couldn't be blamed if they thought Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson was the father of New York Mets future star pitcher Noah Syndergaard.  Other then the fact Johnson was a lefty and Syndegaard is a righty, the comparison is right on par.  So as 2016 fantasy baseball gets set to get underway, here is why we suggest you make sure you have Syndegaard on every single one of your fantasy baseball teams this season.

Having been traded by the Toronto Blue Jays to the New York Mets in the deal for Cy Young winning pitcher R.A. Dickey, Noah Syndegaard arrived in the big city with a great deal of hype.  Already considered a top pitching prospect throughout baseball who was hyped on the strength of an immense fastball that racked up insane amounts of K's, Syndegaard was lumped in with Matt Harvey, Steven Matz, Zach Wheeler, and eventually late blooming Jacob DeGrom as future studs in the Met rotation.  While Syndegaard began the 2015 season in the minors, he was able to work through what was one knock on his ability before he made his way to the Mets.  We are referring to previous struggles with control that Syndegaard had previously in the Blue Jays system that hurt his numbers a bit and didn't allow his fastball to operate at optimum efficiency.  Once that issue was sorted out, Syndegaard was ready for his promotion which came in May.  Quickly earning the nickname Thor due to his flowing blonde locks, Syndegaard was the epitome of a power pitcher as his fastball AVERAGED 98 mph in his five months in the majors.  The results were spectacular as well to the tune of the following numbers:

3.24 ERA
1.05 WHIP
166 K/150 IP

Just awesome numbers, especially when you consider Syndegaard was just a rookie at the very young age of 23.  The 9.96 K rate stood out big time and Syndegaard should only go up from there which is scary to think.  We are talking possible Chris Sale/Max Scherzer territory here as Syndegaard is that overpowering.  Also throw in the fact Syndegaard gave up just 126 hits in those 150 innings and he already is toting one of the better hit rates in the game.  Finally a 1.86 BB/9 IP rate was very nice indeed, especially for a guy who used to have some issues in that department.  Again given his youth, it is staggering to think how good Syndegaard can get starting this season.

When you put it all together, Noah Syndegaard is right there at the top of the list of a must have player for my roster this season.  The guy is that good and potentially Cy Young dominant.  Reach as high as you can here.  He will be worth it completely. 

2016 PROJECTION:  14-8 3.08 ERA 1.04 WHIP 198 K 


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