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It has been a banner year in terms of sales of our two Fantasy Sports Boss 2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guides.  After our Early Offseason Edition became a best seller, we are seeing big sales in our Post-Free Agency Edition which went on sale last week.  Use the BUY NOW tab at the bottom of this excerpt to get your copy.

Draft Strategy:  Perhaps no other position in fantasy baseball is drafted more incorrectly each and every season than the classified closers who collect saves for the 30 respective major league teams.  By now we are getting tired of hearing ourselves remind you how incredibly volatile the closer fraternity is each and every season, with more than half of the Opening Day ninth inning arms  losing their role at some point during the year due to injuries, poor performance, or trades.  Some continue to argue that the high turnover rate among closers makes it imperative to grab a proven one early in the draft but again this is not the way to go since saves have been proven to show up all season long for your to stay very competitive in the category if you work the wire.  And once again in most standard ROTO mixed leagues, closers only really impact one category (saves) as they don’t pitch enough innings to greatly move the needle much in the ERA and WHIP columns.  That means you are using an early round pick on a player who will help in just one statistical column, while the rest of your league shores up on three-to-four category weapons.  Needless to say, a major waste of a pick for sure.  So once again we suggest you start looking for solid middle-tier closers in the middle rounds and use the late rounds to pick up some sleepers or the leftovers options.  There will be double-digit closers who show up all season around baseball which means as long as you stay active on the wire, you will be just fine in terms of having a good total of saves by the end of the year. 

New York Yankees (Aroldis Chapman):  In one of the biggest moves of the winter, the New York Yankees put the topper on what looks like on paper as the most dominant 7-8-9 relief trio in Major League Baseball history when they acquired consensus top closer Aroldis Chapman from the Cincinnati Reds.   Chapman will supplant Andrew Miller as the team’s closer despite an offseason that was quite news worthy.  Chapman reportedly fired a gun in a domestic dispute with his wife that put the kibosh on an agreed upon deal that would have sent him to the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The Yanks jumped in weeks later and pulled off the move to get Chapman which gives the team three relief arms who are as accomplished as any in baseball when it comes to the strikeout.  Chapman proved once again in 2015 that when it comes to the art of striking out batters, nobody is better.  Since arriving in the majors from Cuba in 2010, the LOWEST K/9 rate that Chapman has ever recorded was his rookie mark of 12.83 which is still immense.  The last two seasons?  Try 17.67 and 15.74.  Truly ridiculous numbers from Chapman who should be the number 1 closer off the board in all formats.  With a 1.63 ERA and 33 saves last season, Chapman is as dominant as ever and he remains in the early stages of his prime since he turns just 28 in February.  While the BB/9 is never great (4.48 in 2015), Chapman more than makes up for it with the bets hit and K rates in the game.  As long as he doesn’t get suspended, Chapman has no peer in baseball among closers. 

Baltimore Orioles (Zach Britton):  Baltimore Orioles stopper Zach Britton has more than shown you don’t have to possess a 98-mph heater to make it as a top closer in today’s game.  Using a sinkerball that is as good as there is in baseball, Britton has pitched to dominant 1.65 and 1.92 ERA’s the last two seasons.  Still Britton shot way up in the K/9 category in 2015, pushing past the 10.00 mark for the first time in his career at 10.83.  When you consider Britton’s number there a year earlier was a modest 7.31, you can see just how well he has adapted to the closer role.  While no ninth inning pitcher is ever completely safe, Britton can be trusted more than most. 
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