Tuesday, January 5, 2016


The always deep outfielders are up next as we take a look at the Top 20 for the 2016 season.  Overall we will go over 100 deep here so keep checking back for the rest of the list.

1.  Mike Trout:  The slam dunk number 1 pick in all formats.  Don't overthink things with Trout and Bryce Harper.
2.  Bryce Harper:  Harper realized the insane potential that landed him on the cover of SI as a teenager by batting a ridiculous .330 with 42 home runs and 99 RBI.  The key here was that Harper stayed healthy and cut into his strikeouts which yielded the video game numbers.  Still just 24, Harper is now the new number 2 behind Trout. 
3.  Andrew McCutchen:  A few things on McCutchen need to be said here.  Yes he is still a first round lock but his home runs have stayed in the 20-25 range the last three years which is a clear step below Trout and Harper.  Also McCutchen's steals are sliding sharply as he nears 30 which has to be factored into his projections as well. 
4.  Giancarlo Stanton:  If only Stanton could just avoid the freakish injuries, he would explode past 40 home runs.  There is no debating the fact Stanton is the best pure power hitter in the game and his injuries are not the type of recurring ones that should keep him out of consideration of Round 1 of drafts. 
5.  Ryan Braun:  Yes I am as big a critic of Braun as there is but I can't argue with the very good comeback campaign he engineered in 2016.  Keep in mind though that the "New and Post-Steroid" version of Braun is 25 and not 35 home runs; to go with a .285 and not .315 average.
6.  A.J. Pollock:  Best call we made for 2015 fantasy baseball was telling you all to reach a few rounds early for the burgeoning Pollock.  20 home runs and 39 stolen bases to go with 11 runs scored and a .315 average put Pollock into Round 2 territory. 
7.  Adam Jones:  Jones is starting to age a bit and his stolen bases look finished for good but the 25-30 home runs and 90 RBI with a .280 average are still a lock.
8.  Jose Bautista:  Power is still as good as ever but the average is slipping badly. 
9.  Nelson Cruz
10. Starling Marte
11. Mookie Betts:  Had a slow April but Betts was a borderline outfielder 1 who put up Carlos Gomez 2014 numbers the last five months of last season. 
12. Yoenis Cespedes
13. Charlie Blackmon:  I am now fully on board the Blackmon bandwagon as he ran wild all season and continued to put up a decent amount of home runs.  As long as Blackmon doesn't get traded out of Colorado, he is well worth an early round pick. 
14. Justin Upton:  You always want more when you own Upton but the fact of the matter now is that the guy is a very good but flawed outfielder 2 in fantasy baseball.  No more ceiling. 
15. George Springer
16. Lorenzo Cain
17. Hanley Ramirez:  Ramirez is now absent of shortstop eligibility and his body is betraying him.  Can still pop some homers but the steals are done and the average is slipping.  Avoid. 
18. Carlos Gonzalez:  Unbelievable power numbers from CarGo last season as he changed into a pure home run guy who no longer steals bases.  The guy is always dealing with injuries though so he looks like a decent bust candidate for 2016.  Also you never want to buy on any career season. 
19. J.D. Martinez
20. Carlos Gomez:  Horrific season for Gomez in 2015 as he battled leg injuries throughout that robbed him both of power and speed.  Still in his prime years, Gomez is a decent bounce back candidate who is just a season removed from first round numbers. 

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