Tuesday, January 19, 2016


We continue on with our 2016 starting pitcher rankings by seeing who made the cut from 61-80 on this sizable and impressive list of quality arms.  Let's take a look. 

61. Colin McHugh:  Came back to earth in 2015 after a spectacular 2014 campaign which was not a shock since the former was in outlier territory.  Grade out as SP 4 only. 
62. Raisel Iglesias:  Very intriguing and powerful arm here as Iglesias looked tremendous for a short spurt over the summer as he showed some major K stuff.  Very raw kid but take advantage of the how the word is not totally out on the kid yet. 
63. Mike Fiers:  Once again Mike Fiers does the opposite of expectations.  Tossed a no-hitter last season and still has knack of striking out guys despite a fastball only in the high-80's. 
64. Tajuan Walker:  Take away a brutal April and Walker was very solid the last five months of the 2015 season.  Walker still has the strikeout stuff that made him a big prospect in the first place and the ballpark puts him in prime position to be a big asset.  Give him another chance. 
65. Hector Santiago:  Not a fan of Santiago who doesn't have the stamina to make it through a full season due to his slight frame and long history as a reliever.  From April to July though, he can help you with a good K rate and stuff that is hard to hit but with ugly control. 
66. Carlos Rodon:  Solid sleeper here as Rodon has immense power stuff that picks up strikeouts in a hurry but who also has the classic young starter control problems.  Looked like he started to make headway in the second half of last season but don't go overboard just yet on the kid. 
67. Alex Wood:  Yeah we were wrong on Wood last season but so were many others after his eye-opening 2014 raised expectations a bit too high.  Gets a fresh starts with the Dodgers this season but we are still looking for all the 2014 strikeouts and control. 
68. Mike Leake:  Leake has proven himself as one of the better SP 4's in fantasy baseball with his better then you think hit rate and nice control.  Puts himself in a nice spot after signing with the St. Louis Cardinals in free agency where he gets to pitch in a spacious park. 
69. Jimmy Nelson:  Lots to like here as Nelson can strike guys out and is improving his deep pitching arsenal.  Just has to keep the baseball in the park more. 
70. Nathan Karns:  Surprised he got traded at such a young age but the late blooming Karns goes to spacious Safeco Field where he can build off his nice 2015 campaign. 
71. Jaime Garcia:  Always been a very good and dependable back end fantasy baseball rotation but Garcia's ill health caps his impact. 
72. Henry Owens:  Lefty was surprisingly poor with his control as a rookie in 2015 since that was what he was known for in the minors but decent upside still in play. 
73. Yovani Gallardo:  Has not signed yet but either way Gallardo has dropped a clear level or two over the last few years as his K rate sinks due to all of his past high inning totals. 
74. Clay Buchholz:  Always have hated on Buchholz since he has been beyond brutal at times the last few seasons and still is getting credit for one big breakout season that is becoming more of a memory. 
75. Patrick Corbin:  Like the sleeper potential here as Corbin has a K rate over 8.0 in his short MLB career and is stingy with the hits.  Keep a late round selection ready for him. 
76. C.J. Wilson:  Veteran generally reliable but age is now taking hold as his always poor walk rate rises more and now the hits are piling up also.  Get off the train. 
77. Wei-Yin Chen:  Lands in a nice spot in Miami with the Marlins where his always decent ratios and K rate will do even better in such a nice ballpark. 
78. Jake Peavy:  Can help you still as an SP 5 in pitching in a good ballpark in San Francisco but Peavy is now on his last legs. 
79. Edinson Volquez:  Generally Volquez was solid with the Royals in going to the American League last season but he is pretty much in SP 4/5 territory as the K Rate is sinking and the control is always dicey. 
80. Cliff Lee:  Still doubting Cliff Lee won't pitch in the majors this season like he says he won't.  Could help a bit due to his top notch control and decent K rate but at his advanced age and with tons of mileage on his left arm, don't look for much. 


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