Monday, January 18, 2016


We continue on with our first look at the 2016 fantasy baseball starting pitcher rankings by seeing who made the cut from 41-60. 

41. Jeff Samardzija:  Some potential MAJOR value here as Samarzija is back in the NL where he belongs after a disastrous one-year stint with the Chicago White Sox last season.  His velocity is pretty much on par from his Chicago Cubs near-ace levels and being able to pitch half his games in spacious San Francisco could thrust Samardzija back to SP 2 status.  We are strong buyers. 
42. Shelby Miller:  Not liking the move to Chase Field despite staying in the NL but at least Miller will get a chance to win more games.  He has now been very good two of the last three seasons but the K rate is lacking a bit. 
43. Kenta Maeda:  For starters, Kenta Maeda is not Masahiro Tanaka or Yu Darvish in terms of ace-level strikeout stuff.  Maeda instead is a top control artist who is more Tom Glavine in terms of being very tough to hit. 
44. Jason Hammel:  Very strong first half pitcher who has truly excellent K/BB ratios season after season.  Be sure you sell at the same time you see Scott Kazmir put on the block in your league. 
45. Kyle Hendricks:  This youngster is developing nicely for the Cubs as Kendricks has a decent K rate hovering near 8.00 and his secondary stuff is solid.  Has a bit more ceiling left as well. 
46. Justin Verlander:  Been bashing Verlander for three years now and rightfully so as he was a complete disaster for much of that time due to decreased velocity and growing control problems.  However it looked like Verlander began to adjust in a Dan Haren 2015 mode by relying less on his heater and more on his secondary stuff the second half of last season.  Still I really want no part of this given the very high uncertainty. 
47. Michael Pineda:  Pineda remains a riddle as a guy who looks like a monster ace one start and then gets bombed the next time out.  Another guy whose slight frame leads him to tire over the summer but Pineda is also very injury prone.  Too much of a headache to deal with as anything more than an SP 4. 
48. Yordano Ventura:  Has been right a or near the top of the majors in average fastball velocity the last two years but it has not translated into high K rates and ace numbers.  The fact of the matter is that Ventura's fastball comes in a bit too straight and his light frame leads to injuries.  Stop chasing potential that looks like it may never be realized. 
49. Masahiro Tanaka:  Told you all to avoid this mess heading into last season as Tanaka began pitching with a torn ligament in his elbow.  While Tanaka did make it through the season, his K rate dipped, home run rate rose sharply, and he still spent time on the DL with trouble with the elbow.  Remember the elbow could blow at a moment's notice. 
50. Julio Teheran:  Was truly horrific the first half of last season before rallying late  to finish with respectable numbers.  Has not taken that extra leap to SP 2 status like it seemed Teheran was on track to do. 
51. Jose Quintana:  We can argue that Quintana is one of the vest best fantasy baseball pitcher values in the entire game the last three seasons.  A lock for a mid-3.00 ERA and around 175 strikeouts for often the price of an SP 5.  Tremendous value. 
52. Luis Severino:  Very high upside here as Severino had ice in his veins as a rookie pitching at a high level last season.  Could be a future 200-K kid with tidy ratios but don't overpay as enters in his first full Major League campaign. 
53. Ian Kennedy:  Signed with the Kansas City Royals which puts Kennedy back into the AL.  Disappointed greatly with the San Diego Padres last season but Kennedy's K rate still was very good. 
54. Chris Heston:  Threw a no-hitter as a rookie in 2015 and generally was very good throughout the season.  Could firm himself up as an SP 3 which will be helped pitching in San Francisco. 
55. Joe Ross:  Yet another young kid who has a bright future in a spacious park in Washington.  He doesn't have the K rate of brother Tyson but better control. 
56. Aaron Nola:  Top pitching prospect in the Philadelphia Phillies' organization who has top control and a vast pitching arsenal.  K rate not at ace level but Nola is a tremendous late round upside play. 
57. Andrew Heaney:  Great control here as well from former top prospect Heaney and K rate good enough for him to move to SP status. 
58. Drew Smyly:  Check out the numbers from Smyly when he has been healthy the last two seasons and you will find excellent ratios and a very potent K rate.  His health has been frightening lately but give him another try. 
59. John Lackey:  Has had a nice late-career renaissance but Lackey goes to a more offensive park with the Chicago Cubs this season and his mediocre K rate makes him quite boring to own. 
60. Andrew Cashner:  Good arm here but Cashner can't stay healthy and his K rate is simply disappointing considering the power of his fastball. 


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