Saturday, January 16, 2016


21. Carlos Carrasco:  Yet another young power arm who stopped walking the ballpark and all of a sudden was a star.  Kid is here to stay as a borderline fantasy baseball ace. 
22. Lance McCullers:  This power arm is the real deal.  McCullers should be reaches for a round or two early given his immense strikeout ability and vast upside. 
23. Yu Darvish:  Returning from Tommy John surgery but we have seen countless cases of guys coming back close to their old selves right away which means Darvish could be a swell value play. 
24. Adam Wainwright:  Been telling you to avoid Wainwright for a few years now as he continues to age and leak velocity.  The K rate is dropping sharply and Wainwright is also becoming quite injury prone.  Pass him by. 
25. Carlos Martinez:  Late season health trouble alarming but previously Martinez showed himself as another future ace with his power stuff. 
26. Cole Hamels:  Was a longtime proponent of the always dependable Hamels but now that he will be pitching full-time in the AL and in Texas of all place, we are leery. 
27. Jordan Zimmerman:  Zimmerman was pretty disappointing last season as he aimed at free agency and maybe some very high inning totals the last few years were to blame for the subpar showing.  Moving into the AL won't help matters. 
28. Danny Salazar:  Monster strikeout artist who finally figured out how to reign in the free passes a bit.  Look out MLB hitters. 
29. Francisco Liriano:  Amazing that we an no say that Francisco Liriano is a consistently good SP 2.  The numbers don't lie. 
30. Michael Wacha:  Didn't turn out to be the bust we predicted Wacha would be.  In fact Wacha was terrific the first half of the season before fatigue ruined his last two months.  Still proceed cautiously here as Wacha has a past with shoulder issues and his K rate dipped a bit last season. 
31. Marcus Stroman:  Vast upside here as Stroman insane five pitch arsenal all grade out highly.  Small in stature but a future fantasy baseball ace. 
32. Jake Odorizzi:  Could make the Chris Archer 2015 leap in 2016.  Compare the two and their numbers their first two seasons and you can see why this argument works. 
33. Marco Estrada:  Shocked everyone with his best season ever in 2015 despite taking his home run tendencies to Rogers Center.  Still Estrada looks like a prime bust candidate for 2016 as he benefited from unrepeatable BABIP help a year ago and the gopher problems is about as bad a match as a pitcher can get operating in Rogers Center. 
34. Hisahi Iwakuma:  Always have a soft spot for Iwakuma who continues to put up very good SP 2/3 numbers at a very affordable price.  Will go back to the well again despite age being an issue. 
35. Tyson Ross:  Outside of poor control which puts a hurt on his WHIP, Ross is one of the better power arms in the game.  If he ever works on that control, Ross could quickly elevate to ace level. 
36. Gio Gonzalez:  Some value to be had here as many will be down on Gonzalez after his ratios rose up in 2015.  Some of that had to do with awful BABIP luck and overall Gonzalez' advanced metrics showed him to be the SP 2 he was previously.  I am buying. 
37. Garrett Richards:  Overall Richards was solid but not as good as we anticipated in his 2015 return from his gruesome knee injury the season prior.  The K rate in particular didn't match his 2014 rate, with the latter now looking like a bit of an outlier. 
38. Scott Kazmir:  Like the fact Kazmir signed in a prime pitcher's park in Los Angeles with the Dodgers but remember he is a major sell over the summer when fatigue always take a bite out of his numbers. 
39. James Shields:  Like with Cole Hamels, we were once big fans and boosters of James Shields as a value play fantasy baseball ace.  Unfortunately all those years of very heavy usage have taken some bite out of Shields' stuff as his WHIP rose sharply in 2015 and his home run problems will only grow.  Move on. 
40. Steven Matz:  Not much of a sample size here but Matz was lighting up the minors with a K rate over 9.0 prior to his debut with the New York Mets.  Showed terrific ability in his time in New York going into the postseason and upside is vast.  Be aggressive here. 


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