Friday, January 8, 2016


Moving right along with our 2016 fantasy baseball outfielder rankings as we take a look at those who make up the 61-80 tier. 

61. Josh Reddick:  Nice comeback season from Reddick in 2015 after two years in the statistical abyss.  Shortening his swing boosted the average out of the gutter and Reddick hit 20 home runs and swiped 10 bases which is not anything to sneeze at. 
62. Cameron Maybin:  Back in Detroit after an offseason trade, Maybin looks to build on finally putting up a decent season in 2015 when he hit 10 home runs and stole 23 bases.  The average will always be an issue due to a very high K rate but Maybin can work as an outfielder 3 again. 
63. Jayson Werth:  Looked like he was toast for almost all of 2015 as years of injuries looked to have finally caught up with Werth.  Still we have doubted him before and he always seems to do the opposite of what is anticipated. 
64. Marlon Byrd:  Can still crack 20 home runs but the average is sinking fast to ugly territory. 
65. Melky Cabrera:  Was a letdown in Chicago with the White Sox last season after coming over as a free agent.  Just not enough category juice in the home runs and stolen base columns to be worth owning. 
66. Anthony Gose:  Another case of cheap stolen bases that show up each and every season which is why we again will tell you never to draft steal specialists early on. 
67. Alex Guerrero:  Love the power potential here but Guerrero couldn't hit a lick the second half of last season.  Looks like yet another Cuban outfielder who is struggling to find his stride. 
68. Jackie Bradley Jr.:  Bradley Jr. was terrific the second half of 2015 as he showed off the wheels and cracked some home runs.  Another guy like Cameron Maybin though who struggles with the average.  At the very least Bradley Jr. is locked into a spot in the outfield for Opening Day. 
69. Aaron Hicks:  Right now is a fourth outfielder on the New York Yankees but Brett Gardner could still get moved and it is only a matter of time before Jacoby Ellsbury gets injured.  Hicks has 15/15 ability so keep him close by. 
70. Jarrod Dyson:  The Royals brought back Alex Gordon so that means Jarrod Dyson will remain an outfielder 4.  Blazing speed who can really rack up the thefts when playing time surfaces though so keep him on the bench. 
71. Colby Rasmus:  Back with Houston after accepting the qualifying offer and has proven he can hit 25 home runs, albeit with a shoddy batting average. 
72. Byron Buxton:  Still trying to find his way in the majors but the athleticism and top-end raw talent could explode at a moment's notice. 
73. Rajai Davis:  Back in a platoon with the Cleveland Indians but Davis always seems to find his way to 20-plus steals. 
74. Domonic Brown:  Been saying for years Brown is overrated and we never said that louder then after his "breakout" a few years ago.  When you never take walks and strike out a bunch, it is only a matter of time before the bottom drops out. 
75. Desmond Jennings:  It has been a very disappointing development from Desmond Jennings who has shown he can't hit for average and his stolen bases are even coming in under expectations.  Include ugly health and there is little incentive to own the guy. 
76. Andre Ethier:  Ethier showed last season that his power is still solid and so is his batting average.  Should have carved out an every day job again for 2016. 
77. Jarrett Parker:  Interesting potential here as Parker has some Joc Pederson in him in terms of power/speed ability to go with a horrible average. 
78. Chris Coghlan:  Has settled in as a nice outfielder 4 with the Chicago Cubs with good versatility. 
79. Kevin Kiermaier:  Potential is there to do some more but Kiermaier at the very least has decent upside. 
80. Delino Deshields:  Good source of stolen bases who is showing he is every bit like his father there. 


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