Tuesday, January 5, 2016


21. Corey Dickerson:  Tough season for Dickerson in 2015 as he dealt with the dreaded plantar fasciitis but that shouldn't overshadow what a terrific hitter the Rockies outfielder is.  Dickerson in fact was headed for a big bustout last April before the foot went bad so take advantage of the slight discount this season. 
22. Hunter Pence:  Like with Corey Dickerson, Hunter Pence had his 2015 season ruined by injuries.  First it was a broken forearm and than an oblique.  Age is becoming a bit of a factor but Pence still is good for 20 home runs and 90-plus runs and RBI with a .280 average if he stays on the field. 
23. Jason Heyward:  Eyebrows were raised over the contract Heyward signed with the Cubs and he is surely a better real-life player then a fantasy baseball one given his excellent defense.  However Heyward has developed into a guy who can help across the five standard ROTO categories without blowing up any one statistic. 
24. Jacoby Ellsbury:  Downward we go.  Never tapped into more power despite moving to Yankee Stadium as a lefty swinger, the steals are sliding, and Ellsbury was as injury-marred as ever in 2015.  Stay far away. 
25. Kole Calhoun:  This guy has really developed into a very good player, putting up more power than anyone could have expected.  You will never get much in the way of steals here and the average was somewhat disappointing last season but Calhoun has now moved up to outfielder 2 territory. 
26. Gregory Polonco:  Just the latest five-tool outfielder gem from the Pirates system and one who has already perfect the art of the stolen base and scoring runs.  Polanco also is trending in the right direction in terms of power just like teammate Starling Marte. 
27. Christian Yelich:  Overall it was a very disappointing season for Yelich in 2015 but the guy started doing his thing when he came back from injury in the second half.  Give him one more try and Yelich is very capable of hitting .290 with 25 steals and 15 home runs. 
28. Brett Gardner:  It has become a trend now where Gardner is excellent in the first half of a season followed by performing like a complete bust in the second half.  The 40-steal days are now five years in the rearview mirror but Gardner has upped the home run rate the last two years as a counter balance.  All in all though, Gardner is a major sell in July. 
29. Jay Bruce:  Never a fan of Bruce as his 25 home runs are always accompanied by a .250 or worse average.  Never fully fulfilled his lofty expectations. 
30. Adam Eaton:  After two years of waiting, Adam Eaton finally unleashed the numbers many thought he was capable of coming out of the minors.  What is interesting though is that Eaton hit more home runs then expected while at the same time not swiping as bases as anticipated.  Still Eaton is now firmly a top outfielder 3. 
31. Michael Conforto:  Major upside here as Conforto is Jay Bruce with a much better batting average.  Reach for him. 
32. Stephen Piscotty:  Really like the future for the smooth-swinging Piscotty who is a lock of a .300 hitter whose power is developing. 
33. Gerardo Parra:  Has not signed yet but Parra was tremendous during his 2015 breakout as batted for a very good average, scored a bunch of runs, and stole a bunch of bases. Wherever he ends up, Parra is a solid outfielder 3. 
34. Yasiel Puig:  Continues to let everyone down with awful behavior and disappointing numbers. To think we all drooled over Puig when he first debuted.  I want no part of this and neither should you. 
35. Billy Hamilton:  Can't argue with the crazy stolen bases numbers here as Hamilton has no peer there outside of Dee Gordon.  Unlike Gordon though, Hamilton is a .230 hitter who is pretty much as clear of a one-category specialist as one can get.  We would avoid but understand the allure of those steals. 
36. Alex Gordon:  As he ages a bit, Gordon is changing in terms of losing his speed but he still helps in runs, RBI, and home runs. 
37. Joc Pederson:  Wow what a colossal joke Peterson was from June onward after he unleashed some terrific power numbers the first two months of the season.  Also where were all of the minor league steals?  Very hesitant to go back to the well here for 2016 as even at his best, Peterson will struggle to bat .260. 
38. Shin-Soo Choo:  No one wants Choo anymore as he is not nearly as exciting as he used to be now that the stolen bases have completely dried up.  Still Choo can hit 20 home runs and score and drive in enough runs to work as a dirt cheap outfielder 3. 
39. Dexter Fowler:  Fowler also has not signed yet since the outfield market is crawling.  However he had a nice 2015 campaign that had Fowler stealing a decent amount of bases, scored a solid amount of runs, and did enough in the home run department to be worthy of everyday outfielder 3 status. 
40. Michael Brantley:  Out until late May or now sometime in June due to surgery on his shoulder.  Likely will see his name dropped even more the next time we update the rankings.  As far as the statistics are concerned, Brantley showed last season his 2014 breakout was not completely legit as the power went back to his mediocre levels. 


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