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A week ago we published our TOP 12 for 2016 fantasy baseball in terms of who and where the best of the best should be drafted in a standard 12-team mixed ROTO leagues.  Our 2016 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide:  Early Offseason Edition of course delves further into our views for the upcoming season in our monstrous 268-page book but another annual guide just came out that posted their Top Ten on the cover.  Lindy's Fantasy Baseball annual is a decent read but as we do every year, let's take apart their Top Ten and see where we differ.

Lindy's Top Ten                   Fantasy Sports Boss Top Ten

1.  Mike Trout                      Mike Trout
2.  Bryce Harper                   Bryce Harper
3.  Paul Goldschmidt            Paul Goldschmidt
4.  Andrew McCutchen        Giancarlo Stanton
5.  Josh Donaldson               Andrew McCutchen
6.  Carlos Correa                  Jose Altuve
7.  Clayton Kershaw             Josh Donaldson
8.  Nolan Arenado                Manny Machado
9.  Anthony Rizzo                Nolan Arenado
10. Miguel Cabrera              Anthony Rizzo
                                              Miguel Cabrera
                                              Clayton Kershaw

Looking at the two lists, we both agree on the top three which seems pretty obvious and set in stone.  Trout is clearly number 1, while Harper's insane 2015 campaign puts him slightly behind his Los Angeles Angels counterpart.  Finally Paul Goldschmidt and his monster and very rare five-tool ability at first base puts him firmly into the three spot. 

It is from that point where we differ but not drastically.  For some reason they don't have Giancarlo Stanton in the top ten which is kind of ridiculous since the guy is the slam dunk best pure power hitter in the game in an era where home runs are becoming scarce.  Yes Stanton is injured often but that is mostly due to freak issues and not chronic ailments.  McCuthen is at five in our rankings and they have him at four.  No issues there.  We both also have Josh Donaldson in the top seven where he belongs, with Lindy's going a bit higher at number 5 and us at number 7.  What is interesting is that we both have a Houston Astros infielder in the top seven but different players.  We went with Jose Altuve at number 6 due to his back-to-back superstar seasons, while Correa they have at 6 even though he has not even played a full year in the majors.  We have Correa at number 13 overall which is just outside a first round so we are not arguing against his high ranking but Altuve should also be involved. 

Moving right along, we both like Arenado and Rizzo as top ten guys, with their extreme power hitting and RBI potential being the calling cards.  They have Clayton Kershaw at seven, while we hedge a bit more by putting him at 12.  We always preach not drafting a pitcher in Round 1 due to the extreme depth at that spot but there is also no denying Kershaw belongs among the top 10-12 players.  Miguel Cabrera checks in at 10 for them, while coming in slightly behind at 11 for us as the guy is losing power and aging with more injuries involved.  Where I was surprised is that they didn't have Manny Machado in the top ten.  Machado was ridiculously productive as a five-tool gem in passing 30 home runs and reaching 20 steals last season and he still has years of ceiling left to his name.  If you gave Correa in the top ten off less than half a full Major League campaign, Machado deserves to be there as well. 

Overall our two lists are very similar which makes Round 1 in our view a bit less volatile.  How do our lists compare?  Whose do you like better?  Post below. 


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