Saturday, January 30, 2016


Yes the always frustrating and annoying shortstop position is up next as we continue our Draft Primer look from around the game in terms of identifying the players we would draft and those we would avoid.

DRAFT PLAN:  We have said for years to avoid the top but flawed talents at shortstop and for good reason and we stand by that assessment for 2016 with the exception of one guy.  Of course we are talking about the crazy talent that is Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa who we would break our OF/1B plan for the first two rounds to take.  Correa will require a first round pick and his insane numbers make him well worth that plan of action.  Outside of Correa though. we once again preach mid-round value plays.


Carlos Correa:  Duh!  Already a first round talent despite playing less then a full season in the majors, Carlos Correa is a scary guy in terms of how much better he can get.  This is a guy who could hit 30 home runs, score over 100 runs, drive in 100 batters, steal 20-plus bases, and hit well over .300.  In other words a potential Mike Trout challenger for the 2017 top spot.  Yes we would do cartwheels to get him in Round 1.

Corey Seager:  Thinking the hype will put Seager out of reach but we still love the massive potential of this Dodgers farmhand.  While Seager doesn't have great speed, he is a tremendous pure hitter with developing power that could take off at a moment's notice.  Yes please.

Starlin Castro:  While he will play second base for the Yankees, Castro retains shortstop eligibility for one more season at least.  Yes his numbers have left a lot to be desired the last few seasons but a change of scenery could be what Castro needs to be a top end talent again.  With the draft price now quite affordable, we want to find out. 

Jung Ho Kang:  Really impressed with what the Korean import Kang did once he found his footing in the majors last season.  A devastating injury will have him on the shelf possibly until May but that will make his draft cost even more cheaper.  Big time power here that could result in 25 home runs soon enough. 

Ketel Marte:  Not much is being said about this kid but Marte has 30-steal potential with the chance to hit for a good average if he can claim a starting spot this season.  The strikeouts are a bit high but Marte is your classic very late round upside play.


Troy Tulowitzki:  For like the millionth season in a row, we are telling you all to avoid drafting Troy Tulowitzki this season.  His injury-marred past is well documented but 2015 now saw Tulo's usual stellar numbers slide by more then a little despite playing in two prime offensive parks.  Serious hip surgery and more age could be conspiring with regards to stealing numbers from Tulo and that makes even him even more of a risk for 2016.

Jose Reyes:  While Reyes remains a decent player, his steals continue to slide, he is always hurt, and now he is in trouble with MLB after being involved in a domestic issue.  It is now time to move on for good.

Ian Desmond:  Was shocked to see how poorly Desmond hit last season in the face of a contract push but his strikeouts have been getting out of control for a few years now.  Combine an ugly average with a sudden decrease in stolen bases and Desmond is now looking like old news.

Elvis Andrus:  I really don't think we have to go through this annual punching bag of ours again.  Andrus has been criminally overrated for years with sliding steals and ugly counting numbers such as home runs and RBI. 

Jhonny Peralta/Brandon Crawford:  I put Peralta and Crawford together as I don't like having no speed from my shortstop spot.  You want to have as many steals as you can get from your middle infielders and these guys are as opposite of this approach as anyone. 


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