Sunday, December 6, 2015


As always I continually update you on the progress of my fantasy football PPR team so as to be fully transparent when it comes to my own habits with my roster.  Week 13 is the final week of our regular season and I go into it with a 8-4 record and having sewn up a first round bye.  My team is the highest scoring unit in the league but the first place team is sitting at 10-2 and has beaten me in both of my meetings so I don't go into the postseason as the favorite.  This is the tenth year of this ultra competitive league which I have won twice but not in the last four years.  I want this one badly as I lost in the title game a year ago.  Be that as it may, it won't be easy.  Here are some of the roster mechanizations I have undergone this season.

QB:  I am wed to Drew Brees throughout the postseason for better or worse.  It has been a very big up and down year for Brees who was cold at the start, great in the middle, and very cold the last two weeks which is very concerning.  Luckily I don't need to win today for a top two seed because Brees has the rough Carolina Panthers defense.  I swung a midseason deal for Brees when I struck cold in trading away Matt Ryan and Eddie Lacy for Brees (who was struggling at the time) and Adrian Peterson (before he went nuts).  Needless to say this trade was a blockbuster in my favor given how bad Ryan has been since and how useful Lacy has been all season.  I also had picked up Tony Romo when he was injured the first time but his return lasted all of two games which eliminated the option for me to mix and match with Brees based on matchups.  Still the Week 15 and 16 playoff weeks have excellent matchups for Brees in getting Detroit and Jacksonville at home in the Dome. 

RB:  This has been a turnstile bunch for me this year but I go into the postseason with the best runner of the year in Peterson who is leading the league in rushing and looking none the worse for wear after missing almost all of 2014 with suspension.  Meanwhile I thought I was set with Matt Forte as my other back but he got hurt weeks ago which opened the door to Jeremy Langford (who I also own) who went nuts in his place.  Now Forte and Langford are splitting work which makes starting either one dicey.  Same deal with my initial great pickup of Charcandrick West who ran all over the place before he too got hurt.  That opened the door for Spencer Ware to do his thing and now they TOO have a timeshare in place.  Enter David Johnson who I picked up for this week and who is expected to be a workhorse back in place of the finished Chris Johnson and always gimpy Andre Ellington.  I seriously am considering using Johnson as my number 2 back over Forte and West given the setup.

WR:  On paper I couldn't be better here before the season.  I owned the number 1 guy in Antonio Brown, plus Demaryuis Thomas who many considered number 2.  A midseason deal for Calvin Johnson where I moved Arian Foster before he went on IR completed the immense trio.  Unfortunately each has had challenges that have undermined their stats.  With Brown, the issue was Ben Roethlisberger constantly being hurt which took more than a few catches away.  Thomas meanwhile has dealt with the simply putrid play of Peyton Manning and the inconsistency of Brock Osweiler.  Finally Johnson clearly looks like he is missing a gear or two as he ages, plus he has been hurt constantly.  Disappointment all the way around.  However I still will go with this group and sink for swim with them as Brandin Cooks is my top backup and he too has been tough to depend on.

TE:  Not too worried here as Jordan Reed has been a top five guy when on the field. 

K:  Stephen Gostowski is the best kicker in the game period.

DEF:  Minnesota is my defensive unit and they have been very good this season as well so no concerns there.

Overall this is a strong group but not an unbeatable one by any means. I only have to win two games though so let's do it. 

Let's hear what you think.  Post your thoughts below. 


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