Thursday, December 3, 2015


The Hot Stove season has already been very active thus far as the second installment of the Winter Meetings gets set to launch.  Another wrinkle to the proceedings were the influx of some decent talent due to the non-tender deadline on Wednesday.  Let's discuss the buzzy names that failed to stay on with their respective teams.

Pedro Alavarez:  The biggest surprise was the Pittsburgh Pirates letting go of the power-hitting Alvarez who hit a big 27 home runs in 2015 and who has generally been one of the better long ball bats in the game the last five years.  Still there are big holes in Alvarez' swing as he struggles to hit even .250 most seasons which made the Pirates run out of patiece.  While Alvarez moved to first base full-time in 2015, he has a long run as a third baseman which is the position he came up manning.  He has very limited overall fantasy baseball value at first base given the average woes but if he gains third base again, Alvarez works as a top 12 guy on the low end.

Henderson Alvarez:  The Miami Marlins let the young (25) and talented Alvarez go as he continues to rehab from 2015 season-ending shoulder surgery.  Alvarez was quietly very good in 2014 which put him on the fantasy baseball map but that campaign was full of luck in terms of BABIP and strand rate.  With a very mediocre K rate, Alvarez needs to stay in the NL and in a pitcher's park to even have SP 5 value in fantasy baseball.

Mike Minor:  In a similar case to Henderson Alvarez, the Atlanta Braves threw in the towel on Mike Minor who has constantly battled both home run woes and injuries in his young career.  Minor was terrific in 2013 with a 3.21 ERA but labrum surgery last May has his immediate future very murky to say the least.

Will Middlebrooks:  Make it two teams now who couldn't deal with the .200 average and massive K rates of third baseman Will Middlebrooks as the San Diego Padres joined the Boston Red Sox in casting him aside.  Right now Middlebrooks is on his last legs already in terms of being a major leaguer.

Chris Carter:  After finding no takers in trade talks, the Houston Astros let go of power-hitting first baseman Chris Carter.  The new Adam Dunn with massive power and an average that can't go above .220, Carter is now nothing but a bench UTIL or CI bat at best this season.

Other than Pedro Alvarez, you don't want to involve yourself with any of these names if you can help it.  Keep up on the news emanating from the Winter Meetings right here as our own Michael Wong will be in attendance. 


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