Wednesday, December 30, 2015


1.  Josh Donaldson:  The AL MVP completely lived up to the hype we attached to him going into 2015 in moving from Oakland to the hitter's haven in Toronto.  In fact Donaldson even bettered our optimistic projections by not only reaching 30 home runs but going past 40. 
2.  Manny Machado:  Oh my goodness was this guy insanely good last season.  Not only did Machado start showing off his Miguel Cabrera-like hitting ability by hitting 35 home runs, he also ran wild by stealing 20 bases.  Throw in 102 runs scored and 86 RBI and Machado was the definition of a monster fantasy baseball star.  We lean Machado over Nolan Arenado due to the steals advantage but it is very close. 
3.  Nolan Arenado:  Nothing else to say here as the 42 HR and 130 RBI speak for themselves.  Another guy we all wanted last season as Arenado was destined for this.  Into the first round he goes. 
4.  Kris Bryant:  Already living up to the immense hype with 26 home runs and 13 stolen bases as a rookie.  Average not as stellar as the guys listed above due to some strikeout issues like we saw from Bryce Harper early on. 
5.  Todd Frazier:  Did a profile earlier on Frazier and amazingly his second round numbers are FIFTH best among third baseman. 
6.  Anthony Rendon:  Colossal bust in 2015 and in fact considering the first round price tag, no one was a bigger disappointment.  However remember how great Rendon was in 2014 and take advantage of the good health and much cheaper draft cost to buy low in 2016. 
7.  Kyle Seager:  Yes he is one of my big-time favorites as Seager is ALWAYS a good buy who provides numbers that come much cheaper then they should.  Rock of dependability who is arguably one of the best values in the game relative to his draft slot. 
8.  Matt Carpenter:  Wow those 28 home runs came out of nowhere as Carpenter never even hinted at half of this before.  Surely was swinging for the fences after moving to third but he had to give back a decent amount of batting average to achieve the home runs.  Some outlier feeling here and I am not buying anyone off a career year like this. 
9.  Adrian Beltre:  Fading as age is becoming a clear problem. Can still hit .300-plus but the power is declining sharply.  Get off the bandwagon. 
10. Evan Longoria:  Remember when Evan Longoria was a first round guy and we said he was not worth it?  Yeah it was so long ago it seems I don't even remember our correct assessment. 
11. David Wright:  Ugly times for David Wright who was a former first round star but who now needs a full hour just to get ready to play a game.  Back issues are death for hitters and Wright figures to be a constant health mess.  Avoid completely. 
12. Miguel Sano:  Sano is a big power hitting third baseman who also has some shortstop eligibility in some leagues.  Won't hit more than .265 though due to a very high K rate but the kid is rising. 
13. Maikel Franco:  Yet another young third baseman who can hit for power.  Like what we saw from Franco last season as he was showing more power than I anticipated.  Upwards we go. 
14. Mike Moustakas:  Finally started to live up to his early hype after a string of horrid seasons.  Seemed to make it a point to hit for average at the expense of the power.  Decent trade off for him but it hurts the fantasy baseball numbers. 
15. Matt Duffy:  Was a very good value play in 2015 as Duffy did a little of everything.  Intriguing as a value pick for 2016. 
16. Justin Turner:  Boy has Turner been a terrific pure hitter the last two years and he even has some power to give.  You ideally want him as your bench utility guy though. 
17. Josh Harrison:  Called him a bust for 2015 and that is what Harrison was.  Don't bother. 
18. Xander Bogaerts:  Just doesn't do much of anything in terms of fantasy baseball numbers. 
19. Chase Headley:  Only has AL-only value and even that is shaky. 
20. Martin Prado:  Can still hit for average but Prado is aging and doesn't offer much anywhere else. 
21. Trevor Plouffe:  Like the power here but Plouffe is a guy you always yawn when you pick. 
22. Joey Gallo:  Immense power and some speed is the name of the game for Gallo but a truly horrific K rate makes hitting even .220 a challenge. 
23. Pablo Sandoval:  Went completely bust in Boston and is now deservedly a pariah in fantasy circles.  Just a joke of a player. 
24. Luis Valbuena:  Can pop some home runs but with a .230 average.  You can do so much better. 

There you have it.  Let us hear your thoughts on this group.  Post below.  We would love to hear from you about your opinions for the arriving season. 


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