Monday, December 21, 2015


Here are our first look at the 2016 fantasy baseball second baseman rankings as the season is still months away. 

1.  Jose Altuve:  Obvious choice here as Altuve made good on his first round value in 2015 and then some as he upped his home run total top go with excellence in the other four categories. 
2.  Dee Gordon:  Gordon fully arrived as a superstar player in 2015, winning the batting tile and stealing bases with reckless abandon.  A star in three categories in runs, steals, and batting average, Gordon is worth a second round pick. 
3.  Robinson Cano:  Already wants out of Seattle after two disappointing years which one can understand.  Was simply horrific the first half of last season before looking like the Cano of old in the second half when the games meant nothing.  Clearly Cano's days of 20-plus home runs and 90-plus RBI are finished in Safeco Field.  So are his days of being even a second round pick. 
4.  Brian Dozier:  Dozier has become a terrific player who is a 20/20 gem at the shallow second base spot.  Boy that average is ugly though. 
5.  Ian Kinsler:  Continues to churn out very good seasons when we all want to write him off.  Still Kinsler barely steals double-digit bags now and the home runs are really lagging as well.  On the plus side, Kinsler is doing his best batting average work of his career lately and remains a big runs source. 
6.  Jason Kipnis:  Tough to predict what will go on here as Kipnis has been all over the map the last few seasons.  Won't hit .300 again this season as he got a bunch of BABIP luck there in 2015 and still strikes out way too much.  Also needs to fall back in love with stealing bases again. 
7.  Starlin Castro:  All of a sudden Castro is very interesting again as he moves to Yankee Stadium and their power ballpark.  While Castro has underwhelmed over the last few years, he still has put up decent numbers during that span.  Those numbers should just go up from there. 
8.  Rougned Odor:  Love the potential here as Odor looks like a future star who can go 20/20 real soon in an offensive park.  Reach a round or two early. 
9.  Kolten Wong:  Stalled a bit last season after Wong looked like he was headed for stardom.  Average continues to lag but the power/speed game is solid. 
10. Daniel Murphy:  Have to see where Murphy ends up in free agency before we draw final conclusion but don't buy fully the power spike we saw the second half of 2015 and into the postseason.  Murphy has simply never been that player.  In addition, Murphy's brief spell as a stolen base guy already looks over.  On the plus side, extreme versatility a big plus and a .300 average works nicely. 
11. Brandon Phillips:  Shocked us all by posting a very good comeback campaign in 2015 when we all figured he was done.  Could be a last gasp hurrah though given the advanced age.  Don't buy for a second his 2015 numbers.
12. Dustin Pedroia:  Told you he would bomb.  Had Pedroia as a major bust entering into 2015 and he obliged.  Another second baseman who eroded early given the physical demands of the position. 
13. Howie Kendrick:  Always like Kendrick as he is a very good hitter who always seems to turn a profit given his utter lack of fantasy baseball appreciation.  Terrific value. 
14. Joe Panik:  Reminds me of Kendrick in that Panik does a little of everything and can hit .300 in his sleep. 
15. Jung-Ho Kang:  Did an overall nice job in his rookie debut coming over from Korea.  Power looks above-average in the States and Kang hit for a much better average than expected.  Starting to buy in. 
16. D.J. LeMathieu:  The benefits of hitting in Colorado put LeMathieu on the fantasy baseball map in 2015, helping in average, runs, and steals.  Rinse and repeat those numbers. 
17. Devon Travis:  Major shoulder trouble severely stunting what was looking like a bright immediate future for the smooth-swinging Travis.  Monitor the health in the spring but right now Travis looks like he won't be a factor for awhile. 
18. Neil Walker:  Old reliable as Walker does a nice job year after year with little fanfare.  His move to the New York Mets keeps him in the same statistical pool. 
19. Ben Zobrist:  Better real life player than fantasy baseball one as Zobrist has lost his speed and his power is slipping sharply as well.  Not much left to go on. 
20. Javier Baez:  Major strikeout and contact issues cloud the present for Baez who still has some immense power/speed potential.  Not ready to say he is  Quad-A guy yet. 
21. Logan Forsythe:  Surprised many with a very solid 2015 campaign that included some interesting power/speed ability.  Won't overreact to that though as I need to see Forsythe do it again. 
22. Jonathan Schoop:  Can hit some home runs at a power-starved position but you can do better. 
23. Cesar Hernandez:  Good speed and contact ability makes Hernandez a solid late round sleeper. 
24. Danny Espinosa:  Veteran whose major contact struggles overshadow what at one time was interesting power/speed ability. 
25. Jace Peterson:  Can run a bit but Peterson is better left as a bench backup guy. 
26. Jimmy Paredes:  Started very well last season but quickly faded back to irrelevancy. 

Let us hear your thoughts.  Post below. 


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