Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Another day gone by and another free agent ace pitcher comes off the market.  Just days after Jordan Zimmerman came to an agreement with the Detroit Tigers on a five-year deal, the Boston Red Sox swooped in and bestowed a seven-year deal worth $217 million for David Price.  The numbers are clearly astronomical when it comes to the money for Price but the longtime power number 1 starter has the numbers to back it up.  After coming up in the Tampa Bay Rays organization, Price was dealt to the Toronto Blue Jays at the trade deadline a year ago to help the team in a playoff push.  While Price has had his struggles in the postseason, there is no denying his terrific and sometimes dominant numbers during the regular season.  Ever since he debuted with the Rays in 2008, Price has won a Cy Young and annually been a top ten starter both in fantasy and in real-live baseball.  In particular since 2010, Price has been with few peers as his season ERA's and K totals came in as follows: 

2010:  2.72 ERA/188 K
2011:  3.49 ERA/218 K
2012:  2.56 ERA/205 K
2013:  3.33 ERA/151 K
2014:  3.26 ERA/271 K
2015:  2.45 ERA/225 K

Clearly those numbers are very impressive indeed and Price has now crossed the 200-K mark in four of the last six seasons.  While the 271 batters he punched out in 2014 is in outlier territory, Price has managed to be around a still dominant 215-K pitcher despite residing almost entirely in the AL East outside of a small stint with the Detroit Tigers the second half of 2014.  In addition to the strikeouts, Price has annually put up very low hit rates and generally has had efficient control.  He occasionally gets in trouble with the home run ball as Price habitually pitches around the strike zone but that has not hurt his overall numbers.  Still in his prime at the age of 30, Price has more than proven that he is worth drafting as your fantasy baseball ace despite the fact he will now be staying in the rough AL East and in a prime hitting park.  He did just fine in his half-season stint with the Blue Jays and Rogers Center last season with a 2.30 ERA and Fenway Park should not be much different there.  Dive right back in on Price as your staff ace and place him squarely in the 5-7 overall territory when it comes to starters this season. 

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