Thursday, November 5, 2015


With the fantasy football season now at the midway point, let's take a look at how the quarterback position looks with our composite rankings.

1.  Tom Brady:  As if there was ever any doubt that Brady not only is the front-runner for being fantasy football MVP, he also is the favorite for the NFL award as well.
2.  Aaron Rodgers:  15/2 TD/INT ratio says it all about how Rodgers remains as locked-in as ever.
3.  Drew Brees:  After a troubling first few weeks of the season, Brees has been incredibly productive since the start of October.  Of course the highlight was the 7-TD passing game last Sunday which could go down as the statistical output of the years.
4.  Carson Palmer:  The veteran is all the way back from his devastating knee injury and is looking better than ever.  With 20 touchdowns already, Palmer is on pace for a career-high. 
5.  Andy Dalton:  What a great season Dalton is having and his value has been through the roof considering how much angst he caused his owners in 2014.  The offense being opened up by Hue Jackson was a big reason for this, plus arguably the best offensive line in the game now named the Dallas Cowboys has helped. 
6.  Eli Manning:  Has his own monster game to his name with 6 TD passes last week and is now fully at ease in the West Coast offense.  Another guy who is primed for his best statistical season of a very good career.
7.  Philip Rivers:  We have been saying for years how underrated Rivers is and the San Diego Chargers are throwing it now more than ever.  Numbers are always there in the end.
8.  Ben Roethlisberger:  On a per game basis Big Ben has been very good with the exception of his understandably shaky first game back from injury in Week 8.  Steelers will be throwing it now more than ever with Le'Veon Bell out.
9.  Derek Carr:  The kid is legit folks and with 15 touchdowns already, looks like an every week fantasy football starter for the foreseeable future.
10. Cam Newton:  11 touchdowns and 8 interceptions is not an ideal ratio but Newton does do more on the ground obviously.  For all the pub he has gotten with the Panthers' unbeaten season, the numbers are still a bit short in fantasy football.
11. Andrew Luck:  Wow what a fall.  Luck is leading the NFL in interceptions and simply has been brutal for long stretches of the season.  There is only some much your name brand will do as far as your ranking and each and every guy listed above here has been better.  Luck was the number 1 pick in many leagues and needless to say his bust label is affixed to his jersey for now.
12. Russell Wilson:  Like with Cam Newton, there is simply not enough fantasy football numbers to ride with him every week.  Better real-life QB than fantasy football option.
13. Matt Ryan:  The departure of Dirk Kotter to Tampa Bay has had very bad results for Matt Ryan's offensive numbers.  On pace for his worst TD production since he was a rookie, Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons are becoming run-heavy with Devonta Freeman which is not where you want your fantasy football QB to go.
14. Ryan Tannehill:  Has been a big disappointment, just like the entire Miami Dolphins team.  Shown flashes along the way but Tannehill is still showing too much inconsistency to be dependable on a weekly basis.
15. Blake Bortles:  Really like what I am seeing out of second-year man Bortles who is throwing the football very well and also adding yardage on the ground.  Looks like a keeper.
16. Matthew Stafford:  Has been brutal himself for long stretches of the season but a lot of blame falls on the Detroit Lions offensive line which is arguably the worst in the league.  Always something with Stafford however. 
17. Ryan Fitzpatrick:  Was doing a very nice job until tearing ligaments in his thumb.  Will attempt to play through it but this could get ugly. 
18. Josh McCown:  Has been banged up all season it seems but in between McCown has played pretty well for the Cleveland Browns thus far.  Ideally though you never want to depend on McCown for any decent stretch.
19. Brian Hoyer:  Has been very productive since getting back into the saddle when the Ryan Mallett fiasco was finished.  Up to 13 touchdowns and only 3 picks in limited time this season. 
20. Jameis Winston:  So far Winston has played quite well for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and even is pushing himself past Marcus Mariota who got the pub during the start of the season. 


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