Thursday, November 12, 2015


A little more than halfway through the fantasy football season, let's see who makes out annual All-Star Team:

QB (3)-Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, Philip Rivers (Honorable Mention:  Eli Manning, Andy Dalton, Derek Carr)

-Brady is the slam-dunk 2015 fantasy football MVP so this is a no-brainer.  We went with Palmer in that he has the second-most TD passes in the league and also is number 2 in QB rating.  Finally Rivers leads the NFL in yardage and his 19 TD's are as good as any other passer in the league and he severely lacks weapons. 

RB (3)-Devonta Freeman, Adrian Peterson, Todd Gurley (Honorable Mention:  Doug Martin, Mark Ingram, Chris Johnson)

-This group has been absolutely decimated with injury as top three guys Jamaal Charles (injured), Le'Veon Bell (injured), and Eddie Lacy (ineffective and benched) have been completely busts.  Thus we get two major upstarts in Freeman and Gurley whose terrific athleticism and speed have turned them into overnight stars.  Meanwhile Peterson leads the NFL in rushing yards and looks like he has not missed a beat after sitting for almost all of 2014.

WR (4)-Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr. (Honorable Mention:  Brandon Marshall, Larry Fitzgerald, A.J. Green, Julian Edelman)

-There should be little debate about the four guys who made the cut here, with Brown deserving this spot despite having three games so far without Ben Roethlisberger.  His numbers are still excellent despite the QB issues there.  Meanwhile Hopkins has become a star in 2015, while Jones and Beckham continue with their monster weekly ways. 

TE (2)-Rob Gronkowski, Tyler Eifert (Honorable Mention:  Delanie Walker, Jason Witten)

-Duh.  There is Gronkowki and Eifert and everyone else.  It is not even up for argument about anyone else being in the top two out of this group this season.

There you have it.  As always let us hear your thoughts.

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