Saturday, November 21, 2015


The first baseman are up next as we take a look at our initial 2016 fantasy baseball position rankings.

1.  Paul Goldschmidt:  The standard bear at the position with his 30-HR/20-SB/.315 top five overall bat.
2.  Miguel Cabrera:  Still puts up a batting title average but Cabrera's is clearly showing some age with the increased injuries and dropoff in power.  Loses third base eligibility as well this season.  Not the lock he once was for top tier production.
3.  Anthony Rizzo:  Was on this guy from the start and Rizzo has more than justified the hype with his Paul Goldschmidt-lite production.
4.  Jose Abreu:  A bit of a sophomore slump the first half of last season before Abreu caught fire in the second.  Still waiting on 30 home runs but remains late first round pick.
5.  Joey Votto:  He's baaackkk!  Votto reaffirmed his fading standing as a top tier fantasy baseball bat in 2015, earning MVP votes in slamming 29 home runs.  Knee no longer an apparent issue.
6.  Edwin Encarnacion:  For two years in a row now, Encarnacion struggled badly in April, only to turn it on big-time the rest of the way.  Leaking batting average and always nicked up, Encarnacion's 39 home runs were his most since 2012. 
7.  Adrian Gonzalez:  Among the safest plays in all of fantasy baseball, you can write in ink 25 home runs and 100 RBI with a solid batting average.  Something to be said for consistency in this volatile game. 
8.  Eric Hosmer:  We have to let go of any notion Hosmer will ever hit 25 home runs and instead embrace the very good all-around five category numbers.
9.  Freddie Freeman:  Freeman being hurt greatly by the utter lack of any protection in the Atlanta lineup and believe it or not things look even worse for 2016 on that front.  I would avoid given the setup despite the remaining potential. 
10.  Prince Fielder:  Posted his own Joey Votto-like comeback season in 2015 by hitting .339 first half of season.  23 home runs a modest total though and indicate that this is where Fielder now resides in terms of power. 
11.  David Ortiz:  Back for one more go-round, Ortiz is holding onto his power all the way to the end.  Has been a tremendous value play at UTIL or CI the last five years given the notion in the fantasy baseball community he was finished.  Still waiting on that front. 
12.  Chris Davis:  Still a free agent as of press time, Davis impressed with a tremendous 47 home runs and even posted a respectable average at .262.  Always worried about the average but at least Davis is back to being an early round target with his extreme power. 
13.  Buster Posey:  Can hold his own at UTIL or CI but you obviously want to play Posey at catcher/
14.  Albert Pujols:  Foot surgery will keep Pujols out until at least mid-April which overshadows a terrific 2015 where he hit 40 home runs.  Ugly .244 average though dropped for eighth straight year which is a starkly negative number.  Clear erosion going on here both physically and in overall hitting approach but Pujols is still holding his power.
15.  Mark Teixeira:  Was shockingly in the MVP picture before yet more serious injuries took Teixeria out for the last month-plus of the season.  Remains very limited player who helps just in RBI and power but who also is a physical annoyance. 
16.  Kendrys Morales:  Was an RBI machine for the Kansas City Royals last season and is a very solid 20-25 home run bet.  Draft price always cheap. 
17.  Mitch Moreland:  Became a post-POST-hype sleeper made good in 2015 as Moreland posted his best and most complete season but need to see him do it again before we embrace totally.
18. Lucas Duda:  Was a step back for Duda in 2015 as he lost three home runs and a whole bunch of batting average from the year prior.  Could already have crested.
19.  C.J. Cron:  Kid retains some very solid potential as he showed in a productive second half of 2015 after finally getting the chance to be an every day player.  Keep him on your sleeper lists. 
20.  Carlos Santana:  Loses catcher eligibility which takes off a tremendous amount of value from the sketchy average of Santana.  Natural power leads to 20 home runs but that is about as far as the value goes. 
21.  Adam Lind:  One of the best-priced power bats in the game, as long as you sit Lind against lefties you will always turn a profit here. 
22.  Pedro Alvarez:  Another home run/RBI specialist who will knock down your team batting average.  Was somewhat more valuable when he had third base eligibility but Alvarez not out cup of tea. 
23.  Ryan Zimmerman:  Another one who has lost third base eligibility and thus a great deal of their value.  Constant injuries continue to derail some still solid home run/RBI/runs production. 
24.  Brandon Belt:  Concussion and other leg injuries put a cap on what might have been in 2015 overall but Belt was still quite production on a per game basis with the bat.  Another very frustrating player to own but one who also can be a very affordable late round grab who can greatly exceed their draft price.
25.  Victor Martinez:  We had Martinez as a major bust candidate for 2015 and he more than came through in being hurt most of the year and doing very little with the bat in between.  His 2014 home run total was one of the biggest outlier numbers we have seen in years.  Disregard. 
26.  Justin Bohr:  Hit 23 home runs in only 446 at-bats which is quite intriguing.  Marlins will give Bohr the chance to better late which makes him another very good late round grab. 
27.  Greg Bird:  Likely to start 2016 at Triple-A despite the eye-opening performance the rookie put forth in place of the injured Teixeira during the second half of last season.  With no DH spot available, GM Brian Cashman has said Bird will go to the minors until he is needed. 
28.  Chris Colabello:  Was in the batting title hunt with his .321 average which no one saw coming but there was not much in the way of power despite calling Rogers Center home.  Average clearly in outlier territory as Colabello never came anywhere near that number even in the minors.  Sizable bust potential. 
29.  Mark Trumbo:  Was limited even when calling Chase Field home but the bottom fell out when he was dealt to Safeco Field with the Seattle Mariners.  No thank you.
30.  Matt Adams:  Has never shown the power many thought would come with his hulking frame and now coming off serious injury.  Move on. 


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