Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Fantasy football Week 4 is now in the books as the Seattle Seahawks held on to beat the Detroit Lions late Monday night.  Let's get to the pertinent fantasy football news coming out of the game. 

Matthew Stafford:  24/35 for 203 yards.  Nothing happening here again as Stafford is now moving to backup status in single passer formats.  The Detroit offensive line has given him no time to throw and the running game is atrocious.  You got problems if you are relying on Stafford as your starter.

Russell Wilson:  20/26 for 287 yards with 1 TD and 2 fumbles to go with 40 rushing yards.  Wilson was a bit careless with the football as he wound up losing two fumbles but his passing was pinpoint with just a lack of scores.  I have been on the wrong side of criticizing Wilson over the last few years as he continues to surprise us but I still would not feel comfortable with him as my every week starter.

Tomas Rawls:  17 carries for 48 yards and 1 catch for -1 yards.  All Marshawn Lynch owners who went with Rawls got nothing out of their back in that spot.  Rawls didn't have any big runs and the Seahawks suddenly can't run the football.  Drop Rawls as Lynch will be back this week.

Amir Abdullah:  13 carries for 33 yards to go with 2 catches for 11 yards.  Maybe it is not Joique Bell's fault after all.  Abdullah was a zero in this one and truth be told I have not liked what I have seen.  When the slight Abdullah gets hit, he goes right down.  Throw in pronounced fumbling issues and even the Lions are questioning if he is up to the task of being a starter since they sprinkled in Theo Riddick and Zach Zenner.

Calvin Johnson:  7 catches for 56 yards and 1 fumble.  You know there were a bunch of people who lost or failed to clinch a win when Johnson fumbled at the goal-line when it looks like he would gather a sure TD.  Johnson did as well as he could against Richard Sherman and the rough Seattle defense but that was a terrible capper to his night.

Golden Tate:  3 catches for 29 yards.  When Johnson is in the lineup, Tate is barely a WR 3.  When he is out, he morphs into a low-end 1.  That's how this will continue to go in 2015.

Jimmy Graham:  4 catches for 29 yards.  DeMarco Murray you have company when it comes to complaining about the offense of your new team.  Graham's owners understand. 


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