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As always, yours truly shares his own fantasy baseball and fantasy football draft results in order to be completely transparent since I advise all of you how to proceed with these yearly crucial exercises.  The 2015 Fantasy Sports Boss Experts League Draft was held Saturday August 15th and I drew the number 3 spot in this PPR snake formats.  I lost in the finals last season, getting so close to my third league title since it began 9 years ago.  Needless to say it has been four years since my last title and I am overdue.  Going into the draft my plan all along was to go with Antonio Brown at number 3 in wanting the very best PPR weapon among running backs and receivers.  I knew I would miss out on the top backs like Jamaal Charles, Eddie Lacy, Adrian Peterson, and Le'Veon Bell but I was hoping for a LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Hill, or even Matt Forte in Round 2.  With all that said, here is how I did with my 16 picks.

1.  Antonio Brown (WR):  Andrew Luck was the number 1 pick, followed surprisingly by Marshawn Lynch, which left me with Brown.  I gave a half-second thought to going with Charles but his injury history and light carry average (15.0 last season) scared me.  I went with Brown and instantly secured the number 1 wideout in fantasy football.  Now the plan was to go with the best receiver or running back in Round 2 when it got back to me.  Really wanted Demaryuis Thomas or Dez Bryant again like I had them a year ago but I knew that was not going to happen.  Instead I was looking at McCoy, Forte, Julio Jones, or Jordy Nelson there. 

2.  DeMarco Murray (RB):  Well that was a surprise.  I couldn't pass up getting the 2014 Offensive Player of the Year in Round 2 despite my own worries of how Murray will do coming off such an insane workload and his own big injury history.  In addition, both Forte and McCoy made to me as well but Jones didn't.  Finally Thomas went the pick right before I went with Murray as he too dropped into the second round.  So close. 

3.  Matt Forte (RB):  There has been more than a little talk around our circle about Forte averaging less than 4.0 yards per carry last season, his high usage total in his career, and the fact he will lose a bunch of catches this season with Marc Trestman out of town.  Still again I couldn't pass on Forte here which gave me two huge PPR running backs.  So with two starting backs out of the way, I was now squarely looking at wide receiver again but this draft had a major run on the top guys early. 

4.  Andre Johnson (WR):  Yeah I did it again.  I just can't move away from the guy as this makes it 9 of the last 10 years I have owned Johnson.  He moves to a great situation in Indy as he will catch passes from a competent QB for seemingly the first time in his career.  As long as Johnson stays healthy, he can have a Reggie Wayne late renaissance like the longtime Colt did when Luck first arrived. 

5.  Brandin Cooks (WR):  I have a ton of PPR love with this team as I snag Cooks here.  There were a few fists hitting the table after I made this pick as other owners were ready to snag this potential 90-plus catch slot dynamo.  The Saints have a lot of catches up for grabs this season and Cooks is well-equipped to be the guy to snag them.  There may not be more than 5-7 scores but I would not be shocked in the least if Cooks threatens 100 catches.  No with my three wideouts and two running backs set, I am starting to look at tight end with Travis Kelce and Martellus Bennett still on the board.  Plus getting a third backs entered into my mind as my personal obsession with Amir Abdullah was an issue.

6.  Amir Abdullah (RB):  Yeah I reached a bit here but I love Abdullah's potential as a PPR gem.  He already tore it up in his first preseason game and Joique Bell is not much stiff competition for at least half the carries in Detroit.  He may not get goal-line work but Bell can't stay healthy so there is the potential for a major value play here.  With three backs in the fold, time to start looking at the QB's.  Only four QB's were taken by this point (Luck, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Peyton Manning) as the league pretty much all went with my stated belief that waiting on a passer in single-QB formats is the way to go.  The usual names came up for me among Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, and even Ryan Tanenhill. 

7.  Martellus Bennett (TE):  There was a run on tight ends leading up to this as Jason Witten, Kelce, and Greg Olsen joined Rob Gronkowski.  Was happy to get one of the more active pass catchers among tight ends in Bennett who will see more throws now that Kevin White is out for awhile.  Tannehill went off the board at QB but Romo, Manning, and Ryan all remain for me to choose from. 

8.  Matt Ryan (QB):  Getting Ryan in the eighth round is criminal and Romo was also still on the board as was Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, and Cam Newton.  Ryan is very durable, throws for a ton of yardage, and faces one of the easiest slate of defenses in the league this season.  I did well once again with a guy I have used as my starter two of the last three seasons. 

9.  Sam Bradford (QB):  I jumped a bit with this one as there was a major run on QB's prior to this as Romo, Newton, Rivers, and Matthew Stafford all went off the board as backup QB's began to get selected.  I love Bradford's potential in Philly with Chip Kelly and the Eagles' schedule is cake early on.  When you really want a player, sometimes you got to go all-in and move early on the guy.  With two backup QB's, time to get backup receivers and runners. 

10. Arian Foster (RB):  This is a gamble all the way as I am hoping the recent 4-6 week timeline for a Foster return is accurate.  If it is, I get a top ten back in Round 10 and incredible depth.  Well worth it at this late stage of the draft.

11. St. Louis (DEF):  Yeah I went earlier than ever before with a defense but I love what St. Louis could do this season.  Seattle and Buffalo were already off the board and I felt the best value was going here.  I don't even have to mix and match with this team defense either which is nice. 

12. Josh Hill (TE):  Shocked I was able to get Hill this late considering how much buzz he was generating but this group were with me in thinking that was overblown which is why he dropped.  At this point though I felt it as a no-brainer as Hill will be my backup at tight end with some solid upside replacing Jimmy Graham.

13. Stevie Johnson (WR):  I just did a piece on Johnson regarding how he makes a solid sleeper this season after signing on with the San Diego Chargers prior to this season.  Johnson will now get to catch passes from a competent QB in Philip Rivers which you couldn't say about the guy prior in his career.  Still I need a better top backup receiver. 

14. Ryan Matthews (RB):  I have never been a fan of Matthews but if you own DeMarco Murray, you pretty much are obligated to gran him as well for insurance.  Nothing more, nothing less with this selection. 

15. Stephen Gostowski (K):  Got the best kicker in fantasy football here in Gostowski in the second-to-last round.  Yes a round earlier than I usually select a kicker but getting the best one made it smart. 

16. Brandon LaFell (WR):  I thought LaFell was a god last round pick as he looked good the second half of last season with Tom Brady and thus he could be nice insurance there. 

Overall this is how my team looks:

QB-Matt Ryan
RB-DeMarco Murray
RB-Matt Forte
WR-Antonio Brown
WR-Andre Johnson
WR-Brandin Cooks
TE-Martellus Bennett
K-Stephen Gostowski
DEF-St. Louis

1.  Amir Abdullah-RB
2.  Sam Bradford-QB
3.  Arian Foster-RB
4.  Stevie Johnson-WR
5.  Josh Hill-TE
6.  Ryan Matthews-RB
7.  Brandon LaFell-WR

How do you think I did?  What do I need to do to get better? 

Let's hear it.  Post below. 


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