Monday, August 17, 2015


With New England Patriots QB Tom Brady still currently slated to miss the first four games of the 2015 fantasy football season due to the whole Deflategate suspension, those who were interested in owning the longtime legend are in a major bind.  Investing in a player who is already down four games (and at the start of the season no less when a good start is a must in fantasy football), Brady's stock is at an all-time low.  However there is a silver lining underneath the chaos with Brady in the form of Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford.  Yes the same Sam Bradford who can't remain upright and who has been a disappointment since being drafted first overall by the St. Louis Rams almost five years ago.  Of course the chatter around Bradford is in a much more positive light this season after he ended up with the Eagles and thus given the responsibility to pilot the best and most explosive offense in the NFL  Over the last two seasons Kelly has gotten nearly 70 passing touchdowns from the following mediocre group:  Nick Foles, Michael Vick, and Mark Sanchez.  With Bradford having the best ability among that entire group, there are decent-sized expectations surrounding him entering the 2015 season.  In fact any hesitancy when it comes to drafting Bradford has only to do with his health and not his arm which is one of the strongest in the entire league.  So how does this impact Tom Brady and possibly owning the veteran?  Allow me to explain. 

Now let's say Brady does in fact miss the first four games of the season.  You need a replacement to get you through the first month of the season and you don't want to go with Jimmy Garopolo.  Carson Palmer looks like a decent investment under that scenario, as does Andy Dalton as OF Hue Jackson vows to open things up this season in the passing game.  However Bradford makes the most sense when you look at how attractive his September schedule looks.  Try this opponents on for size the first four weeks for Bradford:  @Falcons,  VS. Dallas, @Jets, @Washington. 

When looking at that schedule, Bradford and the Eagles face three incredibly weak defenses in the Falcons, Cowboys, and Redskins.  The Jets will be a tough one but three out of four is big. Taking it even further if you want Brady to work off rust in Week 5, the Eagles play the awful defense of the New Orleans Saints.  So the Bradford story could continue on into another month. 

When you break it down, you can get both Brady and Bradford after you already filled out the two RB and three WR spots.  That would be a very smart investment to make as QB is deep and shouldn't be addressed early on in single passer setups. 


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