Sunday, August 23, 2015


Francisco Lindor:  3/4 with his sixth HR while hitting .292.  Lindor has been quite impressive in his rookie go-round, as he actually has hit the ball better as the season has gone one.  Not in the class of Carlos Correa or even Trea Turner as a shortstop prospect, Lindor still looks like a sure top ten guy for 2016 given his ability to steal bases, score runs, and offer a bit of power. 

Brett Gardner:  1/4 with his 12th HR while hitting .279.  Gardner is pretty much where he should be numbers-wise, losing some steals but gaining home runs as he has aged. 

Brian McCann:  2/4 with his 22nd HR while hitting .244.  The batting average has been garbage for years now but McCann can still offer up very rare and unmatched power at the shallow catcher spot.  In fact McCann is on pace for one of his best power years ever which is saying something about his dependability.

Luis Severino:  6 IP 3 H 1 ER 4 BB 6 K with an ERA of 2.74.  The Yankees really got something with "Baby Pedro."  The control was a bit uncharacteristically out of whack a bit but Severino is striking out a very high numbers of batters and looks like a future 200-K guy.  Major upside. 

Starling Marte:  2/4 with his 15th HR while hitting .290.  Very little has been said about what a tremendous player Marte has turned into, joining the clear five-tool outfielder 1 tier this season.  In fact I would now take him over Carlos Gomez in drafts, so good has his power developed to go with the steals.

Jung-Ho Kang:  2/3 with 2 home runs (12 for season) while hitting .290.  Don't look now but the Pirates seem to be rolling 7's with their Korean shortstop import.  Great to see how many young shortstops are making hay in the majors this season, which is a position that needs to be re-stocked more than any other.  Very impressed so far as Kang has not seemed overmatched against major league pitching for the majority of the season. 

Mike Leake:  6 IP 1 H 1 ER 1 BB 6 K with an ERA of 3.44.  Already a very solid pitcher, Leake hit the fantasy baseball jackpot by being dealt to spacious San Francisco.  Bump him up to top-end SP 4.

Gerrit Cole:  7 IP 3 H 0 ER 3 BB 8 K with an ERA of 2.49.  Cole did an interview in this past week's Sports Illustrated where he said he is not trying to strike out guys with his 100-mph fastball.  Scary to think what he could be doing if he did. 

Nick Swisher:  2/4 with first two home runs with Atlanta Braves while hitting .207 there.  No you should not pick him up.

Addison Russell:  2/4 with his 9th HR while hitting .248.  Bro stop hitting so many home runs lately so I can steak you in drafts next season.

Anthony Rizzo:  1/4 with his 25th HR while hitting .291.  Standard operating excellence from this monster first baseman.  Nothing more or less.

Jorge Soler:  2/4 with his 7th HR while hitting .268.  Soler has not hit terribly this season, just not for much pop.  Could be primed for a big finish now that he is likely more comfortable and settling in as a major league player.  I am still a fan but I need that big finish to reinvest. 

Jose Altuve:  2/3 with his 10th HR while hitting .307.  Now for Altuve's latest trick, double-digit home runs.  Just when you thought he couldn't get any better.

Scott Kazmir:  6 IP 6 H 1 ER 1 BB 8 K with an ERA of 2.39.  With a WHIP of 1.12, Kazmir has been phenomenal with only one month to go and no sign of fatigue. 

Rougned Odor:  2/4 with his 10th HR while hitting .277.  Here is a good debate for 2016:  Odor or Addison Russell?  Both look like swell values as their names are not popping this season. 

Ian Kinsler:  1/4 with his 8th HR while hitting .303.  A late power flurry from Kinsler who is showing average ability the last few years he never showed when he was going 30/30.

Yovani Gallardo:  6 IP 8 H 0 ER 1 BB 4 K with an ERA of 3.25.  The WHIP is up to 1.35 which is what Gallardo has been all about in his career except now he is not striking out 200 guys a season. 

Aaron Altherr:  1/4 with his second HR while hitting .308.  I really like this kid and I strongly suggest you stop reading this and go pick him up immediately.  Very interesting power/speed ability. 

Anthony Rendon:  2/2 with his second HR and first SB while hitting .250.  Yeah this would have been nice say like April first.  Or sometime in May at least.  No matter what Rendon does from this point on, he sewed up the top busts of 2015 award. 

Michael Taylor:  2/3 with his 13th HR while hitting .244. The average is horrible which his a result of an ugly K rate but the tools are terrific.  Anyone who jumped aboard when Jayson Werth hit the DL originally have had a nice breakout campaign on their hands but even if Taylor is still free on waivers, we are so far into the season now that his bad average won't hurt you much. 

Taylor Jungmann:  5 ER in 4 IP with an ERA of 2.66.  Jungmann finally realized that he sucked in the minors and thus he should suck in the majors. 

Joe Ross:  7 IP 6 H 1 ER 0 BB 4 K with an ERA of 3.56.  Amazing that for all the pitching the Nats went into the season with, this rookie turned out to be one of the best and most consistent of the bunch. 

Khris Davis:  1/4 with his 15th HR while hitting .240.  Late season power boost alert. 

Paul Goldschmidt:  4/5 with 2 home runs (24 for season) and 20th SB while hitting .333.  This is Goldschmidt saying to himself that maybe he could in fact win the Triple Crown this season.  American Pharoah knowingly nods. 

A.J. Pollock:  3/5 with his 33rd SB while hitting .324.  I mean it is getting ridiculous now with Pollock who has had an amazing five-tool full breakout in 2015 after hinting at this a year ago.  And I was with this every step of the way and hopefully you were too since I devoted more sleeper words to his name than anyone else this past winter.

Trayce Thompson:  2/3 with his second HR while hitting .373.  Just walk on by here as Thompson is just a .241 career minor league hitter and can't even make contact against lefties. 

Carlos Rodon:  7 IP 6 H 1 ER 4 BB 8 K with an ERA of 4.22.  My goodness does this kid have an electric arm.  The walks surely need to be curbed by more than a little of Rodon wants to reach his full potential but if he does, this deserves an exclamation point "Look Out!"

Vidal Nuno:  6.2 IP 5 H 1 ER 1 BB 4 K with an ERA of 3.29.  Nuno is a quality arm who can make hay in spacious Safeco Field but don't look for much in the way of just average strikeouts.  More of an AL-only plug. 

Juan Uribe:  2/5 with his 13th HR while hitting .251.  Not sure how much Uribe is going to play moving forward with David Wright returning on Monday.

Charlie Blackmon:  2/5 with his 14th HR while hitting .290.  So Blackmon is that guy I panned over the winter than now I really wish I owned this season.  Yeah I missed on this one as I didn't see Blackmon reprising and even bettering his 2014 haul after cooled tremendously after his monster April last season.  Clearly the guy is an outfielder 1 who is right there with Pollock and Carlos Gomez in their five-tool grouping.

Jose Reyes:  2/4 with his second Rockies home run while hitting .271 there.  Will be interesting to see what happens with Reyes during the offseason, as he clearly doesn't fit in the rebuilding plans for the team.  If he does remain in Colorado, there will be a legion wanting to own this aging and fading player due simply to the location.  If Reyes were a power hitter I would agree but this is still a guy you should avoid outright going forward due to the high bust chance. 

Ian Kennedy:  6 IP 7 H 0 ER 1 BB 10 K with an ERA of 4.01.  Kennedy is rocking a K rate of nearly 9.0 this season and he quietly has been a very effective strikeout guy in the past.  Also since the break, Kennedy has a 2.27 ERA and 1.12 while punching out 47 in 43.2 innings so he is clearly in the midst of a nice run.

Asdrubal Cabrera:  2/4 with his 9th HR and 6th SB while hitting .264.  Some minor power/speed stuff coming out the last few weeks from Cabrera and that works well enough at shortstop but you never feel good about adding him to any of your rosters. 

Josh Donaldson:  4/5 with his 34th HR while hitting .301.  Geez when I said over the winter that Donaldson would sail past 30 home runs with Toronto, maybe I should have said 40.

Chris Colabello:  3/5 with his 12th HR while hitting .330.  I mean look at that average.  Not even Colabello's mom saw that coming. 

C.J. Cron:  1/4 with his 10th HR while hitting .266.  Mike Scoscia really should answer as to why Cron was not playing every day back in April.  Kid can really hit and has 25 home run pop.  Its like he is Dusty Baker-lite.

Kaleb Cowart:  1/3 with his first HR while hitting .060.  No that average is not a misprint.  Cowart was a .240 hitter in the minors which I told you about when I did his Welcome to the Show post.  Nothing to do here.

Andrew Heaney:  8 ER in 3.1 IP with an ERA of 3.39.  Yeah this one really hurts if you are a Heaney owner but shame on your if you started him against the Blue Jays.  That is just foolish. 


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