Friday, August 21, 2015


One of the clear stars of fantasy baseball Tuesday night would include a discussion about New York Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson, who hit two home runs with 2 RBI to power his team to a 5-3 win over the Baltimore Orioles.  The home runs were the numbers 21 and 22 for Granderson as he set a team record for the most leadoff bombs for the team with 7 in 2015.  Tuesday night was just the latest power binge from Granderson who is showing that the four-year deal the Mets handed him to him as their key free agent piece prior to 2014 was not money completely wasted.  Granderson has now hit 9 home runs since the All-Star break and he is almost literally putting the Mets on his back as the team fights for the NL East title.  That has brought his season totals to the following:

22 HR
52 RBI
65 R
9 SB

When you look at those numbers, a few things stand out.  The most obvious of course is the power and Granderson has delivered there pretty much all season as the 9 home runs he has hit in the second half so far go nicely with the 13 he hit prior to the break.  In addition, 22 home runs at Citi Field is like 32 or more at his old stomping grounds at Yankee Stadium where Granderson twice smacked 40 or more.  While clearly Granderson has not chance to ever go near 40 home runs again, he has a chance to get close to 30 which would be a tremendous total for a guy who has gotten a lot of criticism over the last season-plus. 

In looking at some of the other numbers, the 52 RBI at very light considering the power but that is only because Granderson has batted leadoff for most of the season due to the fact the Mets don't have a classic leadoff guy on the roster.  Since Granderson draws walks and can run, he was the guy Terry Collins has put in the leadoff spot almost on a daily basis this season.  If Granderson were further down in the lineup, he would have had 15 more RBI at this point.  The flip side though is the 65 runs which is a solid total. Throw in 9 stolen bases which is a bonus since Granderson has lost speed as he has aged and we have a decent package of numbers. 

The biggest knock for Granderson over his career at times has been the batting average and at .252 it is not great this season as well.  Granderson strikes out too much to help there and his struggles against lefties is at an epically bad level in 2015.  How bad has Granderson been this season against lefties?  Try .149 which would be one of the lowest mark in MLB history for a batter who received a certain amount of at-bats.  This should be no surprise for anyone who does own Granderson though and you need to strictly sit him against lefties almost every time out.  Otherwise Granderson has been a very good outfielder 3 due to his power and solid numbers in runs, RBI, and stolen bases. 

When you put it all together, Curtis Granderson has pretty much done his job in terms of supplying useful numbers for a very affordable 2015 draft price.  He is in a nice power run right now and should be in daily lineups outside of lefty pitchers the rest of the season. 


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