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It is time to update the 2015 fantasy football quarterback rankings as the season is now just two weeks away. 

1.  Andrew Luck:  After the injury to Jordy Nelson, the debate between Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers at the top of the QB heap is a moot point. 
2.  Aaron Rodgers:  Yes the loss of Nelson is huge but Davante Adams is very capable of picking up the slack opposite Randall Cobb.  Rodgers is so great it doesn't really matter who he gets to throw to like we have seen for years with Tom Brady in New England. 
3.  Peyton Manning:  Manning saying he can't feel the tips of his fingers on his throwing hand is another remind of how fragile the 39-year-old is and that he carries big bust potential.  The weapons remain though and Manning can still toss 30 scores in his sleep. 
4.  Drew Brees:  The trends are all going in the wrong direction for Brees whose TD's have gone from 43 to 39 to 33 the last three seasons and now he goes into 2015 without top targets Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills.  Sean Peyton will continue to throw it all day though and Brees' extreme durability counts for something extra at the draft table. 
5.  Ben Roethlisberger:  I really am impressed with how well Roethlisberger has thrown the football the last two seasons as he has put himself in the upper tier of fantasy football passers but it could be a rough early going with out Le'Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant. 
6.  Russell Wilson:  I am still not on board here like the rest of the fantasy football community as Wilson only three 452 passes in 2014 which puts a lot of pressure on his raw TD totals.  Where Wilson makes hay is on the ground where he ran for 849 yards and 6 scores in a RB 2 performance at QB. 
7.  Matt Ryan:  The pass-happy offense of Dirk Kotter is now in Tampa Bay but Ryan will still be permitted to throw it all game with Roddy White and Julio Jones out wide.  Over the last three seasons Ryan has thrown for 32, 26, and 28 touchdowns while going for 4,500 yards or more in each.  All of this was accomplished despite some of the worst offensive line play in the league.  The best part is that Ryan's draft price is still not reflected in his numbers.  Will likely end up on my roster again.
8.  Eli Manning:  Manning is a guy who is radioactive to many due to the high amount of interceptions he has thrown in his career but there is no denying the amazing arsenal of weapons he has for 2015 with Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz being joined by PPR gem Shane Vereen.  The value could be tremendous here.
9.  Tony Romo:  Despite DeMarco Murray and the run game putting up all types of numbers last season for the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo had his most efficient QB season ever in tossing 34 scores against only 9 picks.  He will have to throw it a whole bunch more in 2015 now that Murray is in Philadelphia and like with Matt Ryan, Romo is annually one of the best bang-for-your-draft-bucks passers.
10. Ryan Tannehill:  I had Tannehill as a prime sleeper heading into 2014 and the result was a career-high total of 27 touchdowns and 4,045 yards.  Tannehill now gets pass-catching tight end Jordan Cameron and Kenny Stills joining the developing Jarvis Landry to form a potent passing attack that could net 30 scores.
11. Tom Brady:  Still no clarity on the Deflategate saga but rumors continue to swirl that Brady is more likely to get let off than serve four games.  Will be his usual excellent self whenever he does return and again pairing Brady with Sam Bradford and the latter's soft early schedule is the way to go. 
12. Philip Rivers:  Not sure why some continue to knock Philip Rivers since he has tossed 32 and 31 touchdowns over the last two seasons in a rejuvenated San Diego offense.  The fact you can get Rivers for the price of a QB 2 makes him the perfect guy to target if you stock up early on backs and receivers.
13. Matthew Stafford:  Two of the last three years Matthew Stafford has earned the wrath of his owners in throwing less than 25 touchdowns, while also tossing his share of picks.  Stafford tends to throw into coverage way too often and panics easily when the rush gets to him.  Also has shown a tendency to melt down in December which is when you need your QB at his best.  Not for me.
14 Teddy Bridgewater:  Bridgewater has been tremendous all summer and his superb accuracy and new infusion of offensive weapons could turn him into a major QB weapon this season.  Moving up steadily. 
15. Sam Bradford:  Coming off yet another serious injury, Sam Bradford would be a non-story if not for the fact he gets to operate the Chip Kelly-led Philadelphia Eagles offense.  This is the same offense that turned mediocre talents like Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez into QB 1's in fantasy football and the same is likely in play for Bradford in 2015 if he can stay in one piece.  Could be the biggest value among all QB's under that scenario.
16. Cam Newton:  I already was not a fan of Cam Newton and that is reinforced even more now that he has lost number 1 wideout Kelvin Benjamin for the season.  Unlike with Aaron Rodgers, Newton is not skilled enough as a passer to remain as effective without Benjamin. 
17. Jay Cutler:  There is not a QB in all of fantasy football who elicits more disgust than the veteran Cutler whose penchant for turnovers is well-documented.  He actually got benched in favor of Casey Clausen of all people toward the end of last season despite statistically one of his best seasons with 28 touchdowns.  Still Marc Trestman took his pass-happy offense to Baltimore and in his place is the run-loving John Fox.
18. Joe Flacco:  27 touchdowns is never anything to sneeze at but the veteran Flacco has been a longtime example of a better real-life QB than a fantasy football one. 
19. Carson Palmer:  Palmer has played well in the preseason after coming back from his second torn ACL in his knee.  The weaponry is tremendous here and Palmer at the very least should be considered one of the very best backup QB's in fantasy football this season. 
20 Andy Dalton:  With run-loving Hue Jackson in town as the OC, Dalton's numbers cratered last season and won't likely go back up in 2015.  Throws way too many interceptions as well to be trusted as anything but a backup guy.
21. Nick Foles:  It was a very quick descent for Nick Foles as he went from the 2013 QB darling to a 2014 complete bust.  Chip Kelly threw in the towel on Foles in dealing him to St. Louis and the new locale is a bad fantasy football matchup due to the run-loving ways of Jeff Fisher. 
22. Derek Carr:  Like with Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr was very good as a rookie in 2014 with 21 TD's and 12 INT's.  He gets a new and maybe spectacular toy in rookie WR Amari Cooper but Carr needs to improve on his ugly 5.46 YPA.
23. Robert Griffin III:  Now a pariah in many fantasy football circles, the physically-challenged RG3 is looking to salvage his fledgling career in 2015.  His head coach doesn't trust him which is already a major issue and GRiffin's athleticism has not been on par since his knee injury as a rookie.
24. Colin Kaepernick:  It was another step back for Kaepernick in 2014 as he showed no ability to throw the football consistently and go through is progressions.  The 49ers will continue to run all day long and when combined with the passing shortcomings, Kaepernick is nothing but a speculative backup. 
25. Alex Smith:  With no passing scores to a wideout last season, there really is no other stat that tells you not to own Alex Smith in almost any format. 
26. Blake Bortles:  The strong-armed Bortles was one big turnover last season for the Jacksonville Jaguars as a rookie but he gets Julius Thomas and the return of Allen Robinson to help him take another step in his development in 2015. 
27. Marcus Mariota:  Never rely on any rookie QB in fantasy football and that includes the speedy Mariota.  If you are so inclined to do so, Mariota is more of an asset than Jameis Winston due to his running ability. 
28. Jameis Winston:  There will be growing pains for sure but Jameis Winston has two top receivers in Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson to help speed up his rookie learning curve. 
29. Brian Hoyer:  Named the starter by Cleveland, you really got to be desperate to even bother here.  Decent enough passer but Hoyer's best case scenario is 20 touchdowns. 
30. Ryan Fitzpatrick:  We all know Fitzpatrick can help in short spurts and the receivers are very good, not to mention a solid running game that should help take pressure off of him.  Still if Fitzpatrick is one of your starters even in two-QB formats you are not trying hard enough. 

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