Sunday, August 23, 2015


Generally speaking almost all NFL rookies can be considered fantasy football sleepers but that is doubly true for guys who were late round picks as there is generally much less competition for their services at the draft.  While big-name guys like Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon wind up not being sleepers in the sense that their moderately early round price tags make them pricey, a guy like the Tennessee Titans' David Cobb is shaping up to be a guy who could supply some big-time value based on his late round cost.  We mention Cobb today due to the fact that rampant reports coming out of Tennessee indicate that head coach Ken Whisenhunt is a major fan of Cobb and that he is expected to tab him as the starting back to begin 2015.  Originally a fifth round pick out of Minnesota this past May, Cobb has impressed all who have seen him in camp due to his constant push forward and decisive cuts running through the line.  With Bishop Sankey having fallen flat on his face amid high expectations as year ago as a rookie, Cobb doesn't exactly have a lot of fierce competition to deal with as the preseason winds its way through late summer.  At a solidly packed 5-11 and 229 pounds, Cobb was a classic workhorse runner with the Gophers who possessed very good strength and power through the line.  Having a solid but not great burst, Cobb is more in the Alfred Morris or Marshawn Lynch run over you mode instead of being a guy who takes it outside with pure speed.  What the coaches love about Cobb is his ability to always be falling forward and he figures at the very least to be a force around the goal-line which boost his value in standard formats.  Pass receiving is not his strength, although Cobb is not a total zero there as he caught 34 passes during his Minnesota career which means he can still possibly sneak through as a RB 2 in PPR setups.  Overall though, the fact Cobb could be slated for the lion's share of work in an offense that likes to run the football makes him a very solid upside play for the late rounds.  As we always talk about, opportunity is everything sometimes and Cobb surely looks like he is going to get it. 


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