Friday, June 26, 2015


We are up to the shortstops as we once again take a look at the updated position rankings almost three full months into the season. 

1.  Hanley Ramirez:  Prior to the season I told you all to draft Hanley Ramirez over Troy Tulowitzki every day of the week and twice on Sundays.  With Tulo coming off very serious hop surgery and HanRam moving to an offensive park for the first time in his career, this was pretty much a non-debate for me.  While his speed I fading fast, Ramirez has smashed 15 home runs a picked up 38 RBI as of this writing
2.  Troy Tulowitzki:  Yeah I nailed it on Tulo as well when I said the hip surgery would greatly hurt his power  Try only 7 home runs as of June 23.  Start listening to me more. 
3.  Carlos Correa:  Yeah this seems like I am getting way out of hand with this ranking considering Correa just got here but he already has 4 home runs and steals and is batting .300 after three weeks.  Could be number 1 by the end of the season, so amazing is his talent. 
4.  Jhonny Peralta:  The fact Peralta is this high on the strength of his 11 home runs and .300 average shows you how pathetic shortstop has been this season. 
5.  Jose Reyes:  Already with a lengthy DL stint to his name this season, Reyes is fading across the board.  At 32, age is only going to exacerbate his health woes.  After this season I won't be looking here anymore.
6.  Brandon Crawford:  Prior to this season Crawford was a guy who would hit .230 with a decent amount of home runs for a shortstop.  Like every other San Francisco infielder in 2015 though, Crawford is having a career-year with 9 home runs,4 steals, and an average that has stayed above .270 all season. 
7. Justin Turner:  While Turner qualifies everywhere, he has his most value at the always thin shortstop spot where his 9 home runs and terrific .330 average stand out. 
8. Jean Segura:  Has posted a useful season with 9 steals and 3 home runs but Segura still leaves you wanting something better. 
9.  Ian Desmond:  Proof positive that impending free agency doesn't help everyone's numbers.  Desmond has been a disgrace all season, both on the offensive and defensive side.  While the ugly .222 average is hideous enough, Desmond is not going to come anywhere near 20/20 for the fourth straight season as he had only 5 home runs and 2 steals as of this writing.
10. Starlin Castro:  With 5 home runs and 4 steals, Castro has been just all right.  Which has been the story of his career after turning 22.
11. Marcus Semien:  Semien was very good in April and May before cooling in June but overall he has been solid.  Looked like he would be more than this early on however but for now he has slid back to barely daily status. 
12. Elvis Andrus:  Been saying how overrated Andrus has been for years and now finally the fantasy baseball community has caught up to my argument.  Only has 8 stolen bases and a horrid .242 average which shows you how bad Andrus has been. 
13. Wilmer Flores:  Have to give credit to 10 home runs as a shortstop but Flores is pretty much one-dimensional with no speed and a horrid .240-ish average.
14. Yunel Escobar:  Has hit for a very high and unexpected average all season but Escobar still falls short in the home run and stolen base categories. 
15. Xander Bogaerts:  Once again Bogaerts is putting up an empty batting average as he has only 3 home runs and 4 steals.  Better player in real-life than in fantasy baseball.
16. Ben Zobrist:  Zobrist is hitting some home runs since coming off the DL but his three-position eligibility remains his best attribute which is not saying much. 
17. Alicides Escobar:  Escobar has hit pretty much but the steals are falling through the floor with only 5. 
18. Jimmy Rollins:  Can still pop some homers and steals bases but the average is now down to .200.  The end is near. 
19. Alexei Ramirez:  Age is showing here as Ramirez's bat is slipping badly and the power is going along with it.  Can still run some but that is pretty much it.
20.  Jose Iglesias:  Has surprised with 15 steals and .325 average but there is zero power here.  Overall though has been a solid value. 
21. Addison Russell:  Has not taken off like many thought he would but that is due to hitting at the bottom of the Chicago Cubs lineup.  Next season the true Russell will starting showing. 
22. Asdrubal Cabrera:  Barely hitting .200 but still makes it into this list due to the 5 bombs.  Yeah that kind of season at shortstop.
23. Erick Aybar:  Only one home run is all you need to know about how bad Aybar has been this season.  Even falling short in the speed department with just 5 stolen bases. 
24. Brad Miller:  Shows glimpses of power/speed ability but sporadically. 
25. Andrelton Simmons:  Hitting better this season but still known for the glove. 
26. J.J. Hardy:  Still like the power but Hardy has been a mess for awhile and showing no signs of turning it around. 
27. Odubel Herrera:  Can steal some bases but that is all she wrote. 


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