Tuesday, February 17, 2015


One of the first moves of the 2015 Hot Stove Season was a little-discussed trade that had the Toronto Blue Jays sending longtime 1B/DH Adam Lind to the Milwaukee Brewers for SP Marco Estrada.  Maybe it was baseball fatigue as the 2014 season was only a few weeks into the books but no matter, Lind's move to Milwaukee is worth talking about with regards to the upcoming 2015 campaign.  So without further delay, let's check in again on the veteran power hitter in order to see where he could be coming in with his numbers this season.

Turning 32 in July, Lind is still in his prime years as he starts his new foray with the Brewers.  The team will have Lind as their everyday first baseman, at least when righthanders are on the mound.  Power has always been the name of the game here with Lind and that won't change in 2015 as the Brewers depend on him to supply much-needed pop what with the ongoing injury issues centering on Ryan Braun and with third baseman Aramis Ramirez aging.  Unfortunately Lind did little power hitting in 2014 as injury allowed him to play in only 96 games where he belted all of 6 home runs and 40 RBI.  The fact Lind hit an excellent .321 was lost due to the lack of counting stats to his name.  However Lind enters spring training with full health and his power bat should be in fine working order once again. 

Lind first came to prominent in 2009 when he broke out with a monstrous 35 home runs and 114 RBI while batting .305.  Stardom seemed to be destined for Ling as he would continue to take aim at the short porches in Rogers Center with the Blue Jays.  However that 2009 season would be the high point for Lind in his Blue Jays tenure as poor health, an increasing K rate, and massive struggles against lefthanded pitching pushed his numbers down in the subsequent seasons.  The strikeouts have been an ongoing problem for Lind as evidenced by the .237, .251, and .255 he batted from 2010 through 2012.  Despite those ugly averages, Lind did his part in the power categories albeit on a lesser level from 2009, having hit 23 or more home runs in three of the five seasons since.  The two years Lind did not hit at least 23 home runs were when he missed a slew of games with injury.  So in essence Lind has firmly established himself as a mid-20's home run guy, to go along with around 80-plus RBI which is nothing to sneeze at in today's power-lacking game. 

As far as the other numbers are concerned, don't look for Lind to score much more than 65 runs as he has done that only twice in his career and he is pretty much a complete non-factor in stolen bases as well.  Finally the batting average woes have been discussed due to all the K's which remain a problem but Lind has managed to work through that somewhat to post .288 and .321 marks the last two seasons.  The main reason for the increase the last two years had to do with the Blue Jays almost always sitting him against lefties which he has batted a hideous .212 in his career.  The Brewers have not stated yet if they too will follow that plan but if they do, another .280 mark is very possible.  If the choose not to, push Lind's down to more of a .270 hitter at best.

When you put it all together, Adam Lind is once again looking like a very affordable and effective power hitter best used as your CI or UTIL option.  Lind has precious power that is tough to come by in today's game and that in and of itself carries solid value.  Take advantage of the discount and just sit him against lefties so as to maximize his effectiveness. 

2015 PROJECTION:  .276 24 HR 81 RBI 67 R 2 SB


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