Sunday, February 8, 2015


It is time to check out another 2015 fantasy baseball draft sleeper and today we go deep into the late rounds where a speedster in the Toronto Blue Jays outfielder could be an ice lottery ticket selection.  I am referring to 24-year-old Dalton Pompey who is looking to stake his claim to a starting outfielder spot on the Blue Jays out of camp and maybe even as a leadoff hitter where his top-end speed could be a big weapon.  Pompey got his first taste of major league action in 2014 late in the season once the Blue Jays were out of contention.  Wanting to see what they had in Pompey, the Blue Jays gave him 39 at-bats where he failed to impress much in batting .231 with 1 home run and stealing only one bag.  However that obviously was a very small sample size and Pompey will surely get a longer look this time around to show his ability.  That ability centers clearly on the speed aspect of the game as Pompey is a very adept stolen base guy who also posted some big batting averages while coming up the minor league ladder.  Specifically speaking, Pompey spent time each in Single-A, Double-A, and Triple-A in 2014 before his last major league promotion.  How about these numbers?

A-Ball:  317 at-bats/.319/6 HR/29 SB
Double-A:  127 at-bats/.295/3 HR/8 SB
Triple-A:  56 at-bats/.358/0 HR/6 SB

Clearly by looking at those terrific batting averages, Pompey has big-time ability with the bat in his hand.  His walk rate has consistently been above the 10 percent mark and his K rate in the minors was mostly in the lower teens which is solid.  Pompey did spike that K rate to a horrid 27 percent in his major league cup of coffee but that should be thrown out given how late in the season it was and how raw he was for that level.  With a full spring training on tap, Pompey will have the chance to unleash his potential and lay claim to a starting spot. 

The Blue Jays certainly could use some speed in the lineup and they would have no issue moving Jose Reyes down to second or third to accommodate him as he has done in the past at times.  If Pompey does take over the leadoff slot, he could easily steal 40 bags and maybe more with 80-plus runs likely given the potency of the lineup.  Don't count on more than 3-5 home runs at best as that is clearly not part of Pompey's game and the same goes for RBI.  The batting average could be solid after maybe some initial struggles as long as Pompey keeps his walks up enough.  Hitting around .280 is not out of the question there.

When you put things all together, Dalton Pompey is a solid very late round draft pick who could pay off handsomely.  He is definition of cheap speed and could anchor your stolen base haul for your roster this season.  Take a chance there.

2015 PROJECTION:  .266 2 HR 35 RBI 67 R 28 SB


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