Sunday, December 7, 2014


As always I continue to update you all on MY fantasy football/baseball exploits after hopefully helping you all to championship glory.  As my regulars know, my fantasy baseball record has been beyond dominant as I have won the Experts League 7 of the last 8 years.  In fantasy football however, I have only two titles in seven seasons as some rotten luck and other issues have kept me front the top spot.  After barely making the playoffs last season as the sixth seed in a very frustrating year (I did win a playoff game but lost in the semis), this season my strategy of going heavy on WR in this PPR setup has paid off with the number 2 overall seed and a first round playoff bye.  I also finished as the highest scoring team in the league by a wide margin which gave me the tiebreak with another team in my 8-5 season.  Remember that I went WR-WR-WR in the draft this past summer, going with Demaryuis Thomas at the end of Round 1 which I followed with Dez Bryant and than with Julio Jones in Round 3.  I did deal Jones and free agent pickup Larry Donnell in a deal for Rashad Jennings and Jimmy Graham when the Atlanta offensive line problems made throwing downfield rough.  So this is what I am looking at for next week.

QB-Tony Romo (Matt Ryan backup)
WR-Demaryuis Thomas
WR-Dez Bryant
WR-Malcolm Floyd (Larry Fitzgerald backup)
RB-Arian Foster
RB-Rashad Jennings (Adrian Peterson, Jeremy Hill, Isaiah Crowell backups)
TE-Jimmy Graham
K-Mason Crosby
DEF-Buffalo (Kansas City backup)

I have once again rode the Tony Romo/Matt Ryan combo like I have the last three seasons with much success.  Some issues I have are at WR 3 where Floyd has been pretty much an 8-12 pt. scorer and nothing more.  Fitzgerald was doing great for me until Carson Palmer got hurt and his MCL got sprained.  Can't rely on him now with Drew Stanton at the helm.  I also have running back issues behind Arian Foster who himself has to stay healthy after a slew of injuries once again are a big annoyance.  Right now Jennings is my number 2 guy as Crowell doesn't catch the football which is an issue in this PPR format and Hill is now splitting work with Giovani Bernard.  As you can see, I also picked up Adrian Peterson off waivers to see if he does get reinstated.  Why not?  I got burned earlier this year by cutting Josh Gordon who was my 12th round pick after he was suspended for the year.  Obviously I got screwed there when he got reinstated.  Finally, Jimmy Graham is batting a shoulder injury that had him catch ZERO passes last week which scares me. 

As far as the rest of my team, I picked up the two defenses that will be playing the Oakland Raiders the last two weeks of the fantasy football season.  I can't do any better than that.  Meanwhile Crosby gets a ton of attempts in the ridiculous Green Bay offense which helps. 

So now I wait.  How do you think I will do?  Will I end my three season championship drought? 

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