Friday, December 5, 2014


Tony Romo:  21/26 for 205 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Tremendous game for Romo on more than a few fronts.  While Romo was set up to succeed against a truly horrendous Chicago Bears defense, he still had to answer physical questions after his disturbing dud against the Philadelphia Eagles.  That he did as Romo looked comfortable and was in total control is torching the Bears secondary.  At the very least we can feel more secure going into playoff Week 15 with Romo at the helm of our teams.

Jay Cutler:  32/46 for 341 yards and 2 TD's and 1 INT.  Garbage time special.  Cutler totally padded his stats when this one was completely lost in the fourth quarter but of course it all counts.  Still Cutler was terrible the first three quarters as his Jeff George reputation grows.  Statistically he is having one of his best TD/INT ratios but that is putting lipstick on a pig.  Continue to avoid in single-QB formats for the rest of his career.

DeMarco Murray:  32 carries for 179 yards and 1 TD to go along with 9 catches for 49 yards.  This is why Murray has to be the fantasy football MVP.  What you have in one player is someone who can give you the production of a top tier running back and a WR 3 in the SAME GAME.  Amazing stuff out of Murray who will be a best for anyone to face in the playoffs. 

Matt Forte:  13 carries for 26 yards and 1 TD with 1 fumble to go along with 8 catches for 74 yards.  Right now Forte is playing so much better as a receiver than a runner.  The last two games have been colossal jokes on the ground and those in standard formats are really getting destroyed.  However those in PPR can't argue against the reception allotment. 

Dez Bryant:  6 catches for 82 yards.  Solid game from Bryant but his owners needed a bit more.  At least Romo looks good again which is directly tied into Bryan't impact. 

Cole Beasley:  3 catches for 42 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Beasley is a third-down gem of a receiver who can pick up yards after the catch with his speed.  Still unless you are in a five wideout PPR format, he can't help you much due to a very inconsistent reception total.

Alshon Jeffery:  6 catches for 95 yards and 1 TD.  The main beneficiary of the garbage time pileup by Cutler.  With Brandon Marshall leaving early with a rib injury, Jeffery was the main target along with Martellus Bennett.  Jeffery is on pace to even better his 2013 breakout as he has already firmly established his WR credentials.

Martellus Bennett:  12 catches for 84 yards and 1 TD.  Bennett's owners had to be tickled pink with his season-best game coming at such a crucial time of the season.  The veteran has had his best overall season and remains a guy fully capable of popping off with his numbers any particular week.  Keep using him as a starter into the playoffs.

Brandon Marshall:  3 catches for 61 yards.  Went to the hospital with a serious rib injury which could finish Marshall for the season.  Horrible ending for his owners who lose a WR 1 during or at the cusp of the playoff weeks.  Check later on today for updates on this.



  1. Who are the top 3 defenses of weeks 15 and 16? I've clinched for the playoffs in my 8 team league but was hoping to load up now on good defenses in anticipation. Thanks for the help!

  2. Miles: Kansas City and Buffalo have the Oakland Raiders Week's 15 and 16. Those are the two prime plays.