Tuesday, December 16, 2014


We had some server issues earlier in the day which is why we are posting the Monday night Wrapup late.  The Saints and Bears finished up a wild Week 15 in fantasy football and the championship round beckons.

Drew Brees:  29/36 for 375 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Flawless game fore Brees who has completely erased memories of his slow start to 2015.  He continues to put up monster numbers despite having injuries and age take a toll on the Saints offense. 

Jay Cutler:  17/31 for 194 yards with 2 TD and 3 INT.  More garbage time scores for Cutler who has been an MVP during that time this season but has been among the worst passers in the league when the game is in the balance.  What is really funny is that Cutler statistically is having his best season statistical season ever but trusting him even as your QB 2 is asking a lot given how volatile he continues to be.

Mark Ingram:  17 carries for 59 yards and 1 TD. The TD was huge here as Ingram was just all right running the football.  He continues to be dogged by injuries but Ingram really broke through as a runner this season.  Still not enough to be anything more than a low-end RB 2 however.

Matt Forte:  16 carries for 78 yards while also catching 2 passes for 21 yards.  Forte has been severely undermined by the Bears' habit of getting blown out early in games and than having to rely on the pass.  While his receiving has been exemplary as usual, his running numbers are down more than a bit as a result of the early game issues.  Over the last month-plus as well, Forte has barely put up even decent running numbers befitting a RB 2.

Pierre Thomas:  2 carries for 11 yards while also catching 5 passes for 83 yards.  Thomas is a terrific receiver and still can make hay as a RB 2 in PPR formats but Ingram is clearly the main runner in the Saints offense right now.

Jimmy Graham:  5 catches for 87 yards.  Nice sign here after Graham was unbelievably shut out in the receptions department a few weeks ago.  He is likely more dinged up than the team is letting on as Graham has not been out there on every down but we feel more comfortable going into the championship round with him than we did a week ago.

Marques Colston:  5 catches for 65 yards and a TD.  Colston continues to hold onto his name brand but Kenny Stills and next season a healthy Brandin Cooks could push him over the cliff.

Kenny Stills:  5 catches for 67 yards.  Speaking of Stills, he has predictably been terrific over the last month since replacing the injured Cooks.  He looks like he has finally found some consistency which means he could be as high as a WR 2 next season.

Alshon Jeffery:  4 catches for 78 yards and a TD.  Jeffery collects one of the garbage-time TD's and really the show is his now with Brandon Marshall out.  Jeffery is even going to better his 2013 breakout numbers as he further solidifies himself as a WR 1.

Martellus Bennett:  4 catches for 36 yards.  Disappointing game out of Bennett who caught a 2-pt. conversion.  Considering the Bears had to throw so much and Bennett was coming off a string of good to terrific games, this was a dud no matter how you look at the outing.

Marquess Wilson:  3 catches for 16 yards and a TD.  Other than the TD, Wilson was a dud.  The 3 catches were pathetic and so was the yardage.  In addition Wilson false-started at one point which earned the ire of the coaching staff.  Would not trust him again next week given what we saw.


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