Sunday, December 28, 2014


Here are the 2015 fantasy baseball shortstop rankings based on the first look of the new season.

1.  Hanley Ramirez:  Love the move to Boston as Ramirez gets to hit in a prime power park for the first time in his career.  While his 30-steal days are finished, Ramirez could have his best season in awhile aiming at the short Fenway Park fences.
2.  Troy Tulowitzki:  I wouldn't go near Tulo this season and this from a guy who owned him during his first half MVP run of 2014.  The hip surgery Tulo had was very invasive and serious and could be a major problem for his power.  With his speed already shot and his body as fragile as ever, Tulo is a bust waiting to happen.
3.  Ian Desmond:  Desmond is among the most underappreciated players in fantasy baseball as he has logged three straight 20/20 campaigns.  The best part is that Desmond has incredible durability that the top two guys don't have.  Give me that every time.
4.  Jose Reyes:  Yeah he hit the DL before the opener was finished but once back on the field, Reyes had a terrific season.  Reyes stole 30 bases which shows his speed is still there but obviously not anywhere near his old 50-plus form.  Now turning 32, Reyes remains a major injury risk and he could lose some more steals.  Tread carefully.
5.  Starlin Castro:  Solid comeback season for Castro in 2014 as he hit 14 home runs while batting .292.  It is incredible to think Castro is still only 25 as he has another year or two of growth left.  He is not likely to be the star we thought he would be when he debuted but Castro burned enough people along the way to retain some solid draft prices.
6. Alexei Ramirez:  Has been the rare player to figure out how to steal bases past the age of 30 and Ramirez even had one of his better power seasons in 2014 despite getting close to his mid-30's.  A falloff could come quickly but Ramirez has shown himself to be a solid contributor across the board.
7.  Elvis Andrus:  Remains very overrated as Andrus really only helps in runs and steals for a guy who gets drafted in the high mid-rounds.  You can do so much better.
8.  Jimmy Rollins:  Have to knock Rollins down a peg or two after getting traded from the Phillies to the Dodgers and their big pitching ballpark.  Rollins needed to remain in Philly in order to keep the home runs a decent part of his game but that will be a big question mark in his new home.  Still every time we try to doubt the guy, he continues to produce in runs, home runs, and steals.  Aging very well except for the average which continues to be putrid.
9.  Javier Baez:  Likely to be the first baseman for the Cubs with Starlin Castro manning shortstop.  Has immense potential but Baez could struggle to bat .250 with all those K's.
10. Danny Santana:  One of my new favorites, Santana is already a plus in steals, runs, and average and can even pop the odd homer.
11. Alicides Escobar:  Late-bloomer who has averaged 25 steals the last four seasons.  This is a speed asset all the way and one who will only repeat and not improve on his numbers.
12. Jhonny Peralta:  Not my cup of tea and shouldn't be yours either as you want steals from your shortstop which Peralta doesn't supply.
13. Mookie Betts:  Hope he finds a spot to play as Betts has some monstrous potential  Retains shortstop eligibility for another season.
14. Ben Zobrist:  Still qualifies at three spots which is now his best attribute as Zobrist's numbers are staring to slip some.
15. J.J. Hardy:  Power was mysteriously out to lunch last season but Hardy has a new deal which should help him get back to the 20-home run mark.
16. Joe Panik:  Squarely on the radar after his big postseason, Panik has a .300 bat but lacks so far in the power/steals area.
17. Xander Bogaerts:  Will still be given the shortstop spot after Hanley Ramirez moves to the outfield but Bogaerts was an empty bat last season that has to show some signs in 2015.
18. Danny Espinosa:  Still has the power/speed part down pat but Espinosa is a sizable average liability. 
19. Didi Gregorious:  Always interesting when a hitter moves to Yankee Stadium but Gregorious is already going to sit against lefties which limits the upside to his speed and developing power. 
20. Jed Lowrie:  Signe by the Astros to bring his boring 15-homer pop and constant injuries. 
21. Jean Segura:  Went completely bust last season on the heels of his awful finish to the year prior.  Starting to look like a guy who opposing pitchers figured out.  Has tons of work to do to reclaim even some value. 
22. Brad Miller:  The bat is better than he showed in his awful 2014 campaign but getting out of Seattle would help.
23. Asdrubal Cabrera:  Fact he remains unsigned as of this writing tells you all you need to know about his mediocre skills. 
24. Erick Aybar:  Has been a steady performer across the board for years but Aybar is one big yawn to own. 
25. Wilmer Flores:  A last round lotto ticket worth checking out as Flores can hit for solid power and has shown a knack for collecting RBI.

There you have it.  Let us hear your thoughts. 



  1. You state that #9 Javier Baez will probably be the Cubs 1st baseman - don't you mean 2nd baseman as they have Anthony Rizzo at 1st?