Monday, December 22, 2014


Here are the 2015 fantasy baseball first baseman rankings as we take our first look here with the season quickly approaching.

1.  Miguel Cabrera:  Home runs were down but Cabrera is still the slam-dunk number 2 in all of fantasy baseball behind Mike Trout.
2.  Paul Goldschmidt:  Give Goldy the slight edge over Abreu due to runs and stolen base advantages. 
3.  Jose Abreu:  The Cuban Masher should hit 40 home runs this season with a .300 average.  That combo as valuable as any pair of numbers in the game. 
4.  Edwin Encarnacion:  April was a disaster but the next five months was vintage Encarnacion.  Remains late-first round bat.
5.  Todd Frazier:  Plays slightly better at third base but anyone who hits 20-plus home runs and steals 20-plus bases like Frazier does is fantasy baseball gold to the highest order. 
6.  Anthony Rizzo:  Told you to stay patient here and Rizzo rewarded my optimism by unleashing his full power potential.  Here to stay as a near-top tier first baseman. 
7.  Jose Bautista:  Aging but Bautista has a terrific comeback season in 2014 in showing his power still as good as anyone in baseball while picking up eligibility here. 
8.  Victor Martinez:  Sorry but not buying the power outlier numbers we saw last season but Martinez is still quite possibly the best pure hitter in baseball.  Cut back the home runs to around 20 and than cut the check. 
9.  Adrian Gonzalez:  Once again drove in 100 and did everything expected in his current 25-home run version.  Top value play as people continue to downgrade him foolishly due to no longer being the 40-home run guy he once was.
10. Albert Pujols:  Like with Bautista, Pujols posted a nice comeback season in 2014 as he finally returned to health.  Sometimes it is that simple but we remain wary here due to age and the likeihod Pujols gets hurt yet again. 
11. David Ortiz:  One more season for Ortiz before he walks away but in 2014 his power was as good as ever.  Just keep in mind though that his average slipped noticeably. 
12. Freddie Freeman:  Very disappointed in Freeman last season as he took a step back in a sizable way with his power.  Still full of potential but maybe was overly optimistic predicting 30-home run stardom. 
13. Joey Votto:  Has a degenerative knee issue that will sap his power and keep him an injury mess.  Move away. 
14. Prince Fielder:  Like with Votto, Fielder is vanishing before our eyes as an impact player.  Neck surgery ruined his 2014 but returns to Texas where maybe he could find his lost pop. 
15. Lucas Duda:  The size always suggested Duda would hit for above-average power which he finally did in 2014.  Can't hit lefties though and average not great so there are some limitations. 
16. Buster Posey:  Play him at catcher/.
17. Carlos Santana:  Play him at catcher or third base.
18. Mark Trumbo:  Can smack home runs with the best of them but average woes take some shine away from that area.
19. Chris Carter:  If you like 40 home runs with a .200 average, this is your guy.
20. Adam LaRoche:  Very interested that LaRoche will now DH in Chicago with the White Sox as he sees a good ballpark boost.  Could be among the cheapest 20-plus home runs in the game as he always is.
21. Matt Adams:  Weird season for Adams in 2014 as he hit for good average but not enough pop which was the opposite of what we all thought would happen.  Still very intriguing. 
22. C.J. Cron:  Think Billy Butler with more power.  Solid sleeper.
23. Brandon Moss:  Moves to the Indians where he will take his 25-home run bat and middling average. 
24. Brian McCann:  Again play at catcher only. 
25. Justin Morneau:  The power is shot as Morneau couldn't do much there even in Colorado last season but the guy can still hit ropes. 
26. Mark Teixeira:  The body is breaking down badly and Teixeira is too much of a headache to deal with. 
27. Chris Davis:  PED bust and typical regression in a horrific way in batting average leave Davis as just another guy to avoid. 
28. Michael Cuddyer:  Hate the move from Colorado to the New York Mets as there can't really be a bigger drop in ballpark efficiency for a hitter. 
29. Mike Napoli:  Is no longer interesting now that he doesn't carry catcher tag.
30. Brandon Belt:  Forget last April as Belt was a disaster the rest of 2014 due to injury and drastically scaled back numbers.  Time running out on a potential breakthrough. 
31. Eric Hosmer:  Once again Hosmer disappointed with his lack of pop.  Just a UTIL/CI bat at best.
32. Mike Morse:  Always liked the power bat but Morse is aging and signed into a bad ballpark with Miami.
33. Steve Pearce:  Was a big help down the stretch last season but Pearce has a lot of work to do to prove that the numbers he put up were not a fluke. 
34. Adam Lind:  The move to Milwaukee will keep Lind in a power park but sit against lefties. 
35. Jonathan Singleton:  Meet Chris Carter 2.0. 
36. Billy Butler:  Nobody cares about Butler anymore as he continues his Sean Casey impersonation with the lack of pop despite massive body. 
37. Allen Craig:  That was a quick stay as a useful player as Craig was one of the best hitters in baseball last season.
38. Brock Holt:  Quite possibly the best utility guy in fantasy baseball as Holt qualifies everywhere and he can hit some also. 
39. Joe Mauer:  Mauer is finished as a useful player due to age, poor health, and no longer qualifying as a catcher.
40. Casey McGehee:  Can drive in runs but little else. 


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