Tuesday, December 2, 2014


We once again are set to update our 2014 fantasy football position rankings, with the wide receivers taking center stage today.  Let's see how this bunch looks with the playoffs on tap.

1.  Antonio Brown:  You better believe it.  Don't be shocked here as Brown has been the most dominant receiver in the game both in 2013 and now 2014.  He is leading the NFL in receptions as of this writing with 96 (8 more than the second-highest guy) and already is past double-digits in touchdowns with 11.  Defenses still can't stop him despite Ben Roethlisberger looking his direction on almost every play.  Amazing stuff.
2.  Demaryuis Thomas:  Thomas was our second-ranked receiver heading into the season and he claims the number 2 spot with 88 catches and 10 touchdowns which is a hair below Antonio Brown's production.  Well worth the first round pick he cost.
3.  Jordy Nelson:  No one is better going deep than Nelson and outside of Calvin Johnson no one is more adept at scoring touchdowns.  A career-high in receptions is on tap as well for this season as Nelson has now graduated into a top five wideout. 
4.  Julio Jones:  The thing with Jones is that he only had to stay healthy in order to put up a top five wide receiver season which he is fully doing in 2014.  No missed games and the blockbuster numbers have followed suit.  Only knock is a light 5 touchdowns but that is more a product on the awful Atlanta offensive line not allowing Matt Ryan to throw to him deep.
5.  Calvin Johnson:  Can't push Megatron down too far despite the four missed games with injury.  He reminded us on Thanksgiving that no one is a more complete receiver when healthy.  The injuries are starting to hurt his stock though.
6.  Dez Bryant:  Once again has hit the double-digit TD mark and on talent alone Bryant is right there with any receiver in football.  Tony Romo's injured back though have taken some receptions away.
7.  Emmanuel Sanders:  Yes two Denver Broncos in the top six.  Sanders was the rare fantasy football sleeper who actually exceeded expectations with his so far 82 catches (third-most in the NFL) and 7 touchdowns.
8.  A.J. Green:  The arrival of Hue Jackson and his run-heavy ways combined with a tough toe injury have hurt Green's stock this season.  On talent alone however he remains a top tier guy who could easily go back to top five status next season. 
8.  Jeremy Maclin:  Finally healthy for the time being, Maclin has been another prime sleeper made good.  Has fit in seamlessly as the top option in the Chip Kelly passing offense.
9.  Randall Cobb:  The slot dynamo has worked perfectly as the Jordy Nelson;s counterpart in the ridiculous Green Bay passing offense.
10. Brandon Marshall:  The receptions are down as Marshall has been beat yup at times but he remains the top target of QB Jay Cutler.
11. Josh Gordon:  Tough to truly place Gordon based on the fact he missed most of the season with suspension but his talent is as good as any receiver in football.  If he can get a full season together in 2015, Gordon will be a top five guy. 
12. Alshon Jeffery;  The deep threat compared to Marshall being the possession guy in the Bears offense, Jeffery is on pace to even better his numbers from last season's breakout.
13. Golden Tate:  Took full advantage of Megatron missing four games to post crazy numbers in that time period.  Clearly underutilized in the Seattle offense.
14. Sammy Watkins:  Should be knocking on the door of top ten status next season as the former Clemson Tiger oozes talent.  If he had anything remotely close to a solid NFL QB throwing him passes, Watkins might already be there.
15. DeAndre Hopkins:  This is a kid who is clearly on the rise as the new number 1 receiver in the Houston Texans offense.  Tremendous athlete who is making plays all over the field.
16. T.Y. Hilton:  A big play waiting to happen, Hilton has become the main downfield threat in the Indy passing game.  Should have more than 5 touchdowns however.
17. Julian Edelman:  Classic guy whose value gets pumped up in PPR formats (77 catches) but takes a sizable hit in standard leagues (2 scores).  Adjust accordingly.
18. Keenan Allen:  Struggled with some sophomore jinx issues the first two months but since November Allen has been every bit the star he was as a rookie.
19. Odell Beckham Jr.:  Being graded on a curve here as Beckham didn't get going until midseason but boy what a show it has been.  Primed to be a top 5-7 guys next season.  Bank on it.
20. Mike Evans:  Despite having Josh McCown and Mike Glennon throwing him passes, Evans has turned into a November monster as he already has logged double-digit scores.  Future is bright. 
21. Andre Johnson:  The former first round star is starting his slide as he ages and is passes over by Hopkins as the number 1 receiver for the Texans.  Still can't score touchdowns which was his career red flag.
22. Kelvin Benjamin:  Has picked up right where he left off in college as a monster red zone threat.  Needs to add some more catches to graduate to WR 1 status.
23. Victor Cruz:  Should be back to WR 2 status next season as he recovers from his gruesome knee injury. 
24. Steve Smith:  Got to hand it to the old guy as Smith continues to make big plays and get in the end zone.  Age has to start taking a toll soon though so don't overhype what we are seeing too much.
25. Mike Wallace:  Having a solid season with 7 scores and knack for big plays but still not living up to his monstrous contract.
26. Jarvis Landry:  Another PPR gem who also has scored five touchdowns this season. 
27. Larry Fitzgerald:  Injured at the wrong time of the season which overshadows a very good late October-early November run.  His time in Arizona is finished.
28. Jordan Matthews:  The second-round rookie has been tremendous since Mark Sanchez took over for Nick Foles and he is yet another rookie who is hitting the ground running with terrific debut numbers.
29. Roddy White:  Can still help in PPR leagues but White's body is betraying him as he gets close to his mid-30's.
30. Reggie Wayne:  Like White, another veteran whose legs are starting to give out.  Great career and great player but Wayne is now circling the fantasy football abyss.
31. Brandin Cooks:  Was doing some nice PPR things before season-ending injury.  Revisit again for 2015 and grade as a solid WR 3 with upside.
32. Brandon LaFell:  Taking to Tom Brady well which is no shock.  LaFell can continue being a weapon in the red zone but his raw reception totals lack.
33. Kendall Wright:  Being clearly let down by the awful QB play in Tennessee.  The kid has some nice talent but we can't go beyond a WR 3 until the QB situation improves.
34. Pierre Garcon:  Has gone bust after his shockingly good 2013 campaign as injuries reared their ugly head again. 
35. Michael Crabtree:  Just never seems to know how to find any sort of consistency.  Move on. 
36. Reuben Randle:  Will have a tough time next season being pushed to the third receiver spot on the Giants with Victor Cruz back joining Odell Beckham Jr.
37. Vincent Jackson:  Has always been overrated and now his numbers are tanking. 
38. Anquan Boldin:  Gritty receiver who is always a handful but age will likely come calling soon.
39. Eric Decker:  We all knew he would go belly up in moving from the Broncos to the Jets and that is exactly what has happened.  Need a major boost at the QB spot for Decker to be useful again.
40. Kenny Stills:  Like Stills and his future potential as Marques Colston looks shot.
41. DeSean Jackson:  Still an all-or-nothing guy who is too much of a headache to own.

Reuben Randle 

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  1. Is this just based on past performance? Rankings going forward seem more important. Where would Josh Gordon go in this list?