Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Two games Monday finished up the 12th week in fantasy football.  Let's take a closer look at the relevant action.

Michael Vick:  7/19 for 76 yards and 1 interceptions.  Vick was a complete abomination in this one and was pulled late in the third for old punching bag Geno Smith.  Some picked up Vick when he got the starting QB job due to his reputation as a guy who could help both in the running and passing game but right now the guy looks washed up while Smith is not the answer either. 

Kyle Orton:  24/32 for 230 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Orton went back to the waiver in large quantities after playing poorly the previous two weeks.  He still carries some decent enough value in two-QB formats but ideally you don't want to rely on Orton in a crucial situation.

Chris Johnson:  7 carries for 40 yards.  Johnson showed good burst but he will be cut loose at the end of the season as he is a poor and underutilized fit with the New York Jets.  While Johnson clearly is a shell of his former RB 1 self, he could have helped more if given the chance.

Fred Jackson:  10 carries for 32 yards and a score.  Boobie Dixon ran better as he carried 12 times for 54 yards and a score and the latter is the better play going forward due to his younger legs.  Still if you have a Bills runner in your RB 2 slot, that's not the most ideal scenario.

Eric Decker:  4 catches for 63 yards.  Should have been more as Decker dropped a sure touchdown catch from Vick.  Decker was a bust waiting to happen the minute he signed with the Jets from Denver.  Anyone who invested here did so at their own risk.

Robert Woods:  9 catches for 118 yards and a touchdown . It had to annoy Sammy Watkins owners (3 catches for 35 yards) seeing Woods have such a monster game.  Clearly the Bills had some solid intel here and took advantage of Woods' destroying the Jets secondary all game long.  Woods is still just a fringe player though who only has a game like this once or twice a season.

Joe Flacco:  18/24 for 243 yards and 1 TD.  Things started off great as Flacco hit Steve Smith for a first quarter score but that was it for the veteran QB.  Flacco was red hot in September but since than has gone back to his old backup fantasy football status.

Drew Brees:  35/45 for 420 yards with 3 TD and 1 INT.  That's more like it.  Brees entered the game with numbers way off his stellar pace from the last five seasons and these games were very hard to come by leading up to this game.  Still this is a reminder of how incredible a player Brees is and he can still pilot a fantasy football team to league titles.

Justin Forsett:  22 carries for 182 yards and 2 scores while also catching 2 balls for 8 yards.  A few years ago we talked up Forsett when he was a backup running back for the Seattle Seahawks but he never really got a chance to show his PPR skills.  Forsett got the golden opportunity he was looking for with the Ravens due to the Ray Rice suspension and the results have been top ten overall-worthy among all backs.  The Ravens love to run the football and Forsett will likely continue to be a difference-maker.  In addition, Forsett has been a tremendous value play.

Mark Ingram:  11 carries for 27 yards.  Ugly.  Horrible game for Ingram who has struggled since coming back from injury.  Memories of his big start are quickly fading.

Torrey Smith:  5 catches for 98 yards.  Smith's development as a prime fantasy football wideout has been stunted due to the presence of Steve Smith.  Torrey Smith has once again been a frustrating player to own due to inconsistent numbers that tend to really fluctuate every week.  Right now the numbers say he is a WR 3.

Steve Smith:  4 catches for 89 yards and one score.  The guy keeps on going.  Steve Smith is one of the more underrated great receivers in modern football history as he continues to produce like a WR 1/2 at a very old age for a guy at his position.  Amazing stuff.

Kenny Stills:  8 catches for 98 yards.  Predictable as Stills was set to be the main beneficiary in the absence of Brandin Cooks.  Right on cue.  Still could be a big-time guy the rest of the way and a difference-making value.

Marques Colston:  4 catches for 82 yards and 1 TD.  Just when we always try to write off Colston, he comes back with a game like this.  Terrific player who continues to fight through injuries to stay relevant.

Jimmy Graham:  6 catches for 47 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Wow.  Graham was a monster in this one and is throwing back the challenge from Rob Gronkowski over the last month with regards to who is the number 1 tight end in fantasy football.  The guy is simply dominant.


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