Wednesday, November 19, 2014


                                         Giancarlo Stanton

To say that Miami Marlins slugging outfielder Giancarlo Stanton had a good day Wednesday would be the understatement of the century.  Of course it was on that day where Stanton's record-setting 13-year/$325 million contract became official by the team. Stanton not only signed the richest contract in the history of baseball, he also signed the richest contract in ALL of sports history.  With the ink barely dry on the deal, now is the perfect time to check in on Stanton the player in order to see where he could be headed as 2015 fantasy baseball gets closer.

Stating the obvious, the most alluring aspect of Stanton's game is the long ball.  In an era of extreme pitching dominance, Stanton is the rare hitter today that could slug 30-plus home runs and in 2015 he will be an ever more rare hitter who could swat 40.  In fact Stanton would have gotten to the 40-home run mark last season if not for a truly unfortunate incident that ended his season on Sept. 11.  I of course an referring to the Mike Fiers fastball that drilled Stanton right in the face, fracturing bones, causing lacerations, and doing dental damage.  Stanton still had nothing to be ashamed of when it came to his numbers however as he hit 37 home run, drove in 105, and batted a solid .288.  As an added bonus, Stanton even stole 13 bases which was 7 more than his previous career-high.  When you put all the numbers together, Stanton ends up being a locked in top five player overall in 2015 fantasy baseball where he could be picked as high as number 2 behind Mike Trout right at the top.  We have been saying it is only a matter of time before Stanton cracks 40 home runs and obviously if he hadn't been drilled in the face, he would have done so last season.  At only 25, Stanton is not even in his prime yet which is amazing considering what a tremendous player he already is. 

In breaking down the numbers, 40 home runs and 115 RBI should be locks if Stanton stays healthy.  While 50 is likely out of the question, no one should be surprised is Stanton reached 45 due to his unbelievable power.  Outside of the pop, Stanton has also managed to hit .288 and .290 in two of the last three seasons which is surprising when you consider his high strikeout ways.  Stanton got some BABIP help to reach .288 last season but his decent speed helps beat that number somewhat.  We see Stanton as more of a .270 hitter than .280-plus but again nothing would surprise us since he is still tapping into his ceiling.  Finally, Stanton stealing 13 bases was a pleasant surprise last season but it is a number we can't count on going forward.  The best way to handle the stolen bases is to not expect much and be thrilled if Stanton makes another impact there.

When you look at the total package that Stanton presents, it is understandable that the Marlins would pay him so much money.  This guy is a major star and is ready to firm up his status as the best power hitter in the game.  The high draft cost will be completely justified as a monster season is ahead.

2015 PROJECTION:  .278 41 HR 119 RBI 92 R 10 SB


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