Wednesday, November 5, 2014


We begin with the QB's as we update the rankings here and the other scoring positions as 2014 fantasy football reached the midpoint of the season.  Let's take a look at some of the shocking rankings.

1.  Andrew Luck:  Luck has finally graduated into a top tier fantasy football QB and had no peer the first half of the season as he threw two more touchdowns and 500 yards more than Peyton Manning. 
2.  Peyton Manning:  We all knew Manning would not replicate his ridiculous 2013 numbers but he still has been as good as ever with no letup in sight.
3.  Tom Brady:  So much for Brady being washed up.  Has been hotter than any other QB not named Andrew Luck with an 18:1 TD/INT ratio the last five games.
4.  Aaron Rodgers:  A recent hamstring injury is a reminder of how injury-prone Rodgers can be but before that he was back to his old MVP self.
5.  Ben Roethlisberger:  Simply amazing stuff coming from Big Ben as he has thrown 6 touchdowns in each of the last two weeks.  The Steelers can throw it as well as anyone in the game and Roethlisberger is in the midst of his best season ever.  As good a value as anyone regardless of position this season.
6.  Drew Brees:  Has looked like his old self the last two weeks but prior to that Brees was struggling for an extended stretch for the fist time in recent memory.
7.  Philip Rivers: Will throw some more interceptions than other top guys but no one was better than Rivers other than maybe Luck the first month-and-a-half.
8.  Russell Wilson:  The best running/passing QB combo going. 
9.  Eli Manning:  Has picked up a bunch of his numbers in garbage time but Manning's overall stats are his best this late in the season since he last won a Super Bowl.
10. Matthew Stafford:  The scored have just not been there as Stafford is hurting without top receiver Calvin Johnson. 
11. Matt Ryan:  Amazing Ryan has managed 15 TD's considering he operates behind the worst offensive line in the league.  Since the rampant injuries there over the last three weeks, Ryan has not had time to throw the football down the field since. 
12. Jay Cutler:  Considering how much negative feedback Cutler gets, I bet you would be surprised to see he has thrown 17 touchdowns and tossed only 8 interceptions so far. 
13. Tony Romo:  The back injury is a major red flag and makes Romo as big as risk as any big-name QB the rest of the way.
14. Joe Flacco:  Has struggled the last two weeks but Flacco was red hot in October and goes into the midway point of the season with his highest TD rate ever.
15. Ryan Tannehill:  Continues to take a decent but not overly large step forward in his progress this season.
16. Carson Palmer:  Gets two passing touchdowns in every game and has looked tremendous since coming back from injury. 
17. Colin Kaepernick;  Remains grossly overrated as Kaepernick just doesn't throw the football enough to be useful every week.
18. Nick Foles:  Wow that was a quick fall.  Not even a year after his amazing breakout last season, Foles is injured and was reportedly going to be benched even before he got hurt.  That honeymoon is already over if you believe the recent reports.
19. Kyle Orton:  Orton has been better than anyone could have imagined since being inserted as the Buffalo Bills' starter.  Still only for use in two-QB leagues however.
20. Brian Hoyer:  Has been a better real-life QB than a fantasy football one.
21. Alex Smith:  Smith has made a career out of being a QB 2.
22. Robert Griffin III:  Will move up this list as long as he can stay healthy.  That is a big "if."
23. Andy Dalton:  The arrival of run-loving Hue Jackson has hurt Dalton's statistics just like we thought.
24. Cam Newton:  Simply awful.  Newton is a guy we have hated on for awhile now and finally the rest of the fantasy football world is realizing what we had been saying all along.
25. Blake Bortles:  Nice potential here as Bortles has been slinging it down the field and looked overall pretty solid.


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