Tuesday, September 16, 2014


We continue on our last in-season look at the 2014 fantasy baseball rankings by refreshing the first baseman.  Lots of changes right at the top of course as some new names move to the forefront while others drop.

1.  Miguel Cabrera:  Despite the drop in home runs, Cabrera still the best slugger in the game.
2.  Jose Abreu:  If it wasn't for Mike Trout, Abreu's 2014 debut would go down as one of the best of all-time.  When you combine 40 home run pop and a .300-plus average, you are talking about a top 3-5 guy overall.
3.  Paul Goldschmidt
4.  Edwin Encarnacion:  April was rough but Encarnacion validated the first round grade I gave him.
5.  Victor Martinez:  This is a very tough call for 2015 as Martinez' ridiculous home run output this season was in clear outlier territory but Martinez is still a lock for a .300-plus average and a boatload of RBI.  Price should still be solid as Martinez is too old to see a drastic push forward in value and many will be skeptical.
6.  Freddie Freeman
7.  Todd Frazier:  Going 20/20 at first base or anywhere else on the field is gold. 
8.  Albert Pujols:  Pujols had a nice comeback season in that he stayed healthy and started slamming baseballs again, albeit with a .270 average and not a .320 one.  Tough to imagine he puts tow back-to-back healthy seasons together again.
9.  Anthony Rizzo:  Massive power breakout here which I said all along would occur.  Has fully graduated to a rock solid starting first baseman.
10. Adrian Gonzalez:  The power will never come back to the 30-level but AGONE is a near lock for 25 bombs and 100-plus RBI at a much cheaper rate as the guys listed above.  We are buying. 
11. David Ortiz:  Ageless wonder continues to put up 30 home run seasons despite approaching 40.  Why doubt the guy now?
12. Jose Bautista:  New first baseman on the block as Bautista picked up eligibility this season.  Aging but still putting up big time home runs numbers.  Grade him right with Ortiz.
13. Matt Adams
14. Lucas Duda:  Improving slugger just has to solve lefties in order to reach full potential. 
15. Joey Votto:  Chronic knee injuries greatly cloud Votto's future.
16. Buster Posey:  Continue playing Posey at catcher or UTIL only.
17. Prince Fielder:  Your guess is as good as mine as to what Fielder is now.
18. Carlos Santana
19. Mark Trumbo
20. Adam LaRoche:  Old veteran still going strong.
21. Chris Carter:  Power is as good as anyone in baseball but that average is unsightly. 
22. Justin Morneau
23. Mark Teixeira
24. Steve Pearce
25. Ryan Howard
26. Brandon Moss
27. Jon Singleton
28. Mike Morse
29. Jonathan Lucroy
30. Joe Mauer
31. Brandon Belt
32. Eric Hosmer
33. Chris Davis
34. Mike Napoli
35. Daniel Murphy
36. Brian McCann
37. Billy Butler
38. Pedro Alvarez
39. Allen Craig
40. Kendrys Morales
41. Adam Lind
42. Brock Holt
43. Casey McGehee
44. James Loney
45. Stephen Vogt
46. Juan Francisco


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