Wednesday, August 13, 2014


With some preseason games to digest and injuries to factor in, let's take a look at the updated 2014 fantasy football running back rankings.

1.  Jamaal Charles:  Nothing changes at the top, especially when Andy Reid says he envisions Charles getting as much as he received a season ago.
2.  LeSean McCoy:  At 26 McCoy said he is aiming for 2,000 yards this season.  In this offense we can't doubt him.
3.  Matt Forte:  Sorry but I am more comfortable picking Forte over Adrian Peterson due to better health and age.
4.  Adrian Peterson:  The wheels got to slow down eventually don't they?
5.  Eddie Lacy:  Big season on tap for Lacy. 
6.  Marshawn Lynch:  Been in the news way too much this preseason and not for good reasons.
7.  DeMarco Murray:  Upright running style the same as Darren McFadden's.  Not a good thing.  Still Murray is incredibly tempting as talent is not in question.
8.  Le'Veon Bell
9.  Montee Ball:  Missing most of camp with appendectomy could lead to slow start. 
10. Doug Martin:  Crucial season for Martin to reclaim his lost status from 2013.  Will carry the ball a ton but has to prove he will get the receptions back.
11. Alfred Morris:  As stark as a player can get from standard to PPR leagues.
12. Zac Stacy
13. Giovani Bernard:  Lots of ongoing chatter about Jeremy Hill getting as many as 15 carries a game and all the goal-line work.  Not good for Bernard if true.
14. Arian Foster:  Yet another preseason leg injury to worry about.  If Foster can get healthy, he has a solid chance of a nice comeback season. 
15. Andre Ellington
16. Ryan Matthews:  No thank you.  There is no chance Matthews stays so healthy again and he has Donald Brown and Danny Woodhead to fight for touches.
17. Reggie Bush
18. Rashad Jennings:  Should catch a ton of balls in the new West Coast offense for the G-Men.  Will cede goal-line work to rookie Andre Williams though.
19. Shane Vereen:  Could catch 80 balls this season.
20. C.J. Spiller:  Once again Buffalo backfield very crowded.  Needs change of address clearly.
21. Toby Gerhart
22. Bishop Sankey:  Should lead all rookies in rushing and catches.  Push up in PPR leagues.
23. Frank Gore:  Keeps on chugging no matter how many back the 49ers bring in.  Carlos Hyde big threat though.
24. Ben Tate:  Big wild card as no one knows how good he really is due to not playing enough due to Arian Foster and injury.
25. Ray Rice
26. Chris Johnson
27. Stevan Ridley
28. Pierre Thomas:  Could catch another 70 balls again.  Drops way down in standard.
29. Danny Woodhead
30. Darren Sproles
31. Steven Jackson
32. Trent Richardson
33. Joquie Bell
34. DeAngelo Williams



  1. Any thoughts on new OC in Dallas, paired with that horrific defense. Will Murray be more of 50/50 split with minimal carries? Seems like they'll be playing from behind a lot. Also, I would never draft Woodhead, Sproles, Jackson or DWill for any reason. Much love for Mark Ingram as I believe Saints move a bit more to ball control with a top 5 Defense this year

  2. ANONYMOUS: I am worried about Murray on that front since the Cowboys will be in a lot of shootouts. However in a PPR league Murray will be gold for that reason. I think he dominates the carries despite Linehan's love of committee's. Ingram is intriguing in standard. Sproles I agree with, not so much Woodhead.