Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Training camps are fully underway and so let's take a look at our second installment of quarterback rankings for the 2014 season.

1. Peyton Manning:  He has no chance to replicate last season's number and since QB goes pretty deep, try and resist temptation to draft Manning in Round 1 in single-passer formats.
2.  Drew Brees:  Saints have talked about running more but that is a saying and doing are two very different things.  Same old 5,000-yadr/40-TD season on tap.
3.  Aaron Rodgers:  Looks like an ice value sine Rodgers is falling to Round 2 off last season's injury.
4.  Matthew Stafford:  Has ridiculous weapons now as Golden Tate and rookie tight end Eric Ebron join Megatron.
5.  Matt Ryan:  Healthy Julio Jones and Roddy White means potentially monster numbers again for Ryan at a much cheaper rate than the guys listed above.
6.  Nick Foles
7.  Andrew Luck:  Would like to think Luck is guaranteed 30 TD's this season but that is what I thought a year ago and that didn't happen.  All about how much he is allowed to throw.
8.  Cam Newton:  Never my guy as I want a better pure passer no matter how many rushing scores Newton gets.
9.  Tom Brady:  The cheapest Brady has been in years but Rob Gronkowski is healthy this time to start the season.  Looks like a major bargain.
10. Tony Romo:  I have pulled back some on my initial hype of Romo due to the fact he is not taking part in every practice and there are some whispers his back could flare up again at a moment's notice.
11. Robert Griffin III:  I have been a huge critic of his and rightfully so but I have to say that RGIII looks like a prime value play now that he is further away from knee surgery and has an immense stable of talent to throw the football to.  The injury risk is immense however which cant be ignored.
12. Philip Rivers
13. Colin Kapernick
14.  Russell Wilson:  Just doesn't throw the football enough to warrant a higher ranking.
15. Ben Roethlisberger:  Would love to have him as a backup.
16. Jay Cutler
17. Andy Dalton:  Will throw a lot less now that run-happy Hue Jackson is calling the plays.  Don't pay for 2013's stats as they are headed south.
18. Ryan Tannehill
19. Eli Manning
20. Sam Bradford
21. Alex Smith
22. Joe Flacco

There you have it.  As always post your arguments below.


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