Friday, August 15, 2014



More games to look into and more fantasy football happenings to change the outlook on some players. 


Jay Cutler:  Cutler could very well be primed for a career-season in 2014 and he certainly is set up to do so with the best pair of receivers in football at his disposal in the form of Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey.  In addition Cutler has quite possibly the best receiving back in football in Matt Forte to go along with an improved offensive line.  Finally Marc Trestman is obsessed with the pass and will allow Cutler to throw the football all game.  Cutler made it 2-for-2 Thursday as far as playing well in preseason games as he completed 7-of-9 for 75 yards and a score.  That upped his summer totals to 16-for-22 for 160 yards and 2 touchdowns and no interceptions.  If Cutler can stay on the field and not throw the football carelessly, 30 touchdowns and 4,000 yards is entirely possible.  All for the price of a ninth round pick.  If you choose to wait on drafting your QB in single-passers formats as you should, this is as good a place as any to hedge your bets.

Blake Bortles:  This is strictly for those who play in two-QB formats as Bortles once again was very good Thursday night against the Chicago Bears.  Granted Bortles has played against second and third-team defenses but his very strong arm and good decision-making is earning rave reviews.  The Jacksonville coaching staff insist veteran Chad Henne will be the team's starter in Week 1 and for all of 2014 but this is going to turn into a QB controversy real soon. 


Le'Veon Bell:  Boy do we all hate LeGarrett Blount.  Even moving past the fact he cold cocked an opposing player on national TV while in college, Blount has served as the human fantasy football running back blowtorch the last three seasons.  Whether it was in Tampa Bay, New England, or now Pittsburgh, Blount has been one big source of frustration as a goal-line back who siphons away potential scores for primary runners,  The latest has Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin openly talking about how Blount will "get (his) share" this season in regards to running the football.  Of course that comes at the expense of Le'Veon Bell who was looking like a true breakout candidate in both the running and receiving game this season.  Instead Blount is likely to steal potential scores away from Bell this season by the looks of things which could drop the latter's value to a RB 2 in standard formats.  Not what was expected for sure.


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