Saturday, August 16, 2014


Lots of action to get to in fantasy football preseason week 2 so let's get right to it.

-A lot was made over the three dropped passes by Philadelphia Eagles rookie WR Jordan Matthews last weekend, which head coach Chip Kelly correctly surmised was just a case of nerves.  Kelly looked right on point Friday as Matthews was a monster in catching 9 balls for 104 yards.  Matthews had his way with the New England Patriots secondary and caught everything thrown in his direction.  He primarily worked out of the slot and on this game alone will see his fantasy football value skyrocket and rightfully so.  Matthews reminds me of Victor Cruz due to his slot abilities and terrific hands.  However his is stronger and bigger than Cruz and instantly could achieve WR 2 status in being a part of the Kelly offense.  That would be especially true if Jeremy Maclin continues to get injured. 

-Speaking of sleeper Philadelphia Eagles receivers, tight end Zach Ertz has carried that label all offseason and even more so when it was revealed the team planned to feature him in the red zone passing attack.  Well through two preseason games Ertz has caught 6 passes for 86 yards and a touchdown and he absolutely has the look of a tight end who could make a Jordan Cameron circa 2013 move right to the top of the rankings there. 

-Not that anyone really panicked too much but it was nice to see Eagles QB Nick Foles complete 8-for-10 passes for 81 yards and a score.  That outing erased last week's two INT no-show and eased any concern that he would take a step back this season.  While Foles in no way will replicate his 27-2 TD/INT ratio from a year ago, his place as the leader of the explosive Eagles offense should net close to 30 touchdowns. 

-Here we go again.  Patriots RB Stevan Ridley was benched after losing a fumble against the Eagles, despite running well early on.  This is the exact same scenario that got Ridley glued to the bench last season and took all the shine off of his 2012 breakout.  While Ridley rebounded to play well down the stretch in 2013, the fact he already is putting the ball on the ground is a major concern.  Those who own Shane Vereen though are not to upset as he could see an increase in carries as a result of this.

 -Kendall Wright might not be the only Tennessee Titans wide receiver worth drafting this season.  Second-year man Justin Hunter could be the next in line to make a smashing breakout in 2014 much in the way Wright did a season earlier.  Blessed with a massive combination of height and speed, Hunter was unstoppable Friday night as he caught four balls for 111 yards and 2 touchdowns against the New Orleans Saints.  Mike Clay of Rotoworld compared Wright to Chicagos Alshon Jeffrey which is all anyone needs to hear.  However trusting that two Tennessee receivers could be useful in fantasy football with Jake Locker at QB is a major leap of faith.

-The quick digression of Matt Schaub as an NFL passer has been startling.  Considered a sure fire top 10-12 quarterback as recently as the summer of 2013, Schaub was run out of town in Houston under a hail of picks and was allowed to walk to Oakland as a free agent.  Schaub thus far has failed to turn the page on his messy divorce from Houston, having played terribly in both of the team's preseason games.  The lack of arm strength is scary from Schaub and with the Raiders not exactly having a slew of offensive weapons, his status even as a QB is in jeopardy.

-Drew Brees missed the New Orleans Saints' second preseason game with continued problems with his oblique.  This has not gotten the attention I feel it has deserved as any athlete with an oblique problem at the advancing age of 35 is a big concern of mine.  Brees is running out of time to get into some game action and get his body right before the opener.  While no talk has circulated yet about Brees missing any games, this is still not what you want to have circling his name if you are drafting this weekend.


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