Friday, August 29, 2014


                                                  Billy Hamilton

When looking back at the 2014 drafting season, perhaps the most hyped player in the game was known for his more speed and not how far he could hit a baseball or how fast he could throw.  Of course I am talking about Cincinnati Reds speed demon Billy Hamilton who broke all sorts of stolen bases record in the minors leagues and who the hype machine went into overdrive as some spoke openly about his chances of swiping 100 bags.  While that type of prediction proved to be more than a little off base, Hamilton overall has supplied very good numbers for his fantasy baseball owners this season after a rocky start and with a month left to go, justified the advice of reaching for him in the draft.  Before we go on any further, let's check out Hamilton's numbers through Thursday's games.

.267 AVG.
6 HR
46 RBI
69 R
51 SB

In looking at those numbers, the 51 steals easily jumps out and that is a top notch number for that category if the SEASON ENDED TODAY!   Outside of Dee Gordon, no one has been even remotely as dominant in the steals category so at least on that front Hamilton has lived up to the hype.  While it is not anywhere near 100 thefts, Hamilton should be able to finish in the 65 range which is still a monstrous number.

Now in looking at the rest of the package, the 6 home runs were a pleasant bonus as Hamilton was projected to be lucky to hit more than 1 or 2 given his slight frame.  Also the 69 runs are a very good number as well, with Hamilton likely to finish close to the 90 range which is considered to be on the high end for a player.  Forget about the RBI as Hamilton was never supposed to do much there given his spot in the lineup and for his lack of power.  Finally, the .267 average is a bit shaky but Hamilton has a bit of a K problem (95 in 484 at-bats) and not much in the way of patience (23 walks) which is a rough combination on that statistical front.  Still Hamilton figures to get a better handle on the strike zone as he gets older and he also will be able to tally some more walks as he gets out of his impatient youth years also.

When you put it all together, Billy Hamilton has been a very solid outfielder 2 in fantasy baseball for this season which is pretty much where he was projected to be anyways.  Again while the steals projections got out of hand over the winter, Hamilton has still been a dynamo there and supplied more than enough bang for the draft bucks it cost to get him onto your squad.  He should only get better as he goes on and investing in Hamilton as your main wheels guy for 2015 is a good way to go.


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