Sunday, August 31, 2014


The end came with just a whimper and little fanfare attached to it.  In the Fantasy Sports Boss Fantasy Baseball Experts League, the owner of Texas Rangers outfielder Alex Rios finally had enough after five months of underachieving numbers, which led to him cutting the former 5-tool stud outright.  Less than one season removed from a career-high 42 stolen bases season to go along with 18 home runs and 81 RBI, Rios has looked almost completely washed up at the age of 33 and while playing half his games in one of the best hitter's parks in the majors.  Long a guy who ran hot and cold (and who you swore by or wouldn't touch), Rios goes into September hitting .280 with only 4 home runs and 52 RBI, to go along with 16 steals.  There red flags everywhere with Rios, with nothing standing out more than the severe drop in power.  While 33 is getting up there, home runs tend to hang around for a player more than the speed which has been the opposite for Rios.  Consider that Rios hit 25 home runs in 2012 which was followed by last season's 18 and now the 4 he has now with a month to go.  Again the fact Rios plays half of his games in Texas should have helped offset any loss of pop but that has been far from the case and in fact he looks worse than ever.  Throw in the fact now Rios will likely struggle to pass 22 steals and the result is a loss of around 20 bags from the season prior.  We all know that speed wanes as a player reaches their mid-30's and it surely looks like Rios peaked a year ago and will now go nowhere but south in that area.  Things have gotten so bad that now Rios is being released in more than a few fantasy baseball leagues and really no one can blame those owners.  Too many games Rios has wasted with next to no production for his owners and eventually we reach a point where enough is enough.  We are now there with Rios and there is no indication he has anything left in the tank to rally for the last month.  While yours truly has always been a fan of Rios and what he brought to the fantasy baseball table, there is no doubt that I have reached the point where I have moved on for good unless I get him as a bench guy.  We always have to ignore the name brand as owners and instead respect the numbers.  Owners of guys such as Dustin Pedroia, Joey Votto, and Justin Verlander can understand that strategy.


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