Sunday, August 3, 2014


                                                          Ryan Mathews

After a one season hiatus, San Diego Chargers RB Ryan Matthews qualifies as a prime 2014 fantasy football draft bust.  One must find the timing of this piece funny since Matthews comes off his best and most healthy season ever a year ago when he rushed for 1,255 yards and 6 touchdowns while playing in all 16 games.  However there are more than a few red flags surrounding Matthews this season which makes it extremely advisable that you avoid him drafts altogether.  Let's get right to it.

First let's get back to the health aspect.  It was a shocking as shocking can be in seeing Matthews suit up for all 16 regular season games a year ago as there were fewer players in all of football who was more prone to injury.  Consider that 2013 was the first time Matthews ever played in all 16 games and that in the previous three years prior to that, he missed a total of 10 games.  Hence counting on Matthews to stay healthy for a full 16 games again is fool's gold and so you are buying very high on that part of his game. 

The second aspect of Matthews that is very shaky entering the season if the loss of his PPR appeal.  Matthews was one considered a very solid PPR weapon who caught as many as 50 balls back in 2012.  However with the arrival of super PPR gem Danny Woodhead went most of Matthews' receptions.  Woodhead caught over 70 balls in 2013 during his first season with the Chargers in 2013 and the team will continue to employ him as the third-down back and fuel most of the passing game to him when it comes to the backs.  Hence Matthews is likely to struggle to even reach 30 receptions this season. 

Finally, the arrival of Donald Brown figures to eat into Matthews' allotment of carries just a bit.  While Brown is not likely to get a ton of work, the Chargers didn't sign him to a decent free agent contract to have him rot on the bench.  Thus a drop in rushing yardage is likely as well and that is even before you start to factor in any missed games due to injury.

When you put it all together Ryan Matthews is a very big potential fantasy football bust candidate.  There are way too many red flags to ignore and there also is many more safer investments to be had this season.  Cash out on him now before the going gets very bad.  The only direction he can go is the wrong one this season. 


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