Sunday, August 10, 2014


We all know these are the dogs days of both the real-life and fantasy baseball seasons and it certainly looks like the grind of the 2014 campaign is taking its toll on the players themselves.  They were dropping like flies on Sunday as scores of big name players hit the DL with various injuries and maladies which will throw the stretch run of the season into chaos.  With that said let's check in on all the carnage.

-It has been a complete and utter disaster of a season for Colorado Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez who was placed on the DL for the second time in 2014 Sunday due to a bout of knee tendinitis.  This follows the earlier DL stint that Gonzalez had after having a procedure done on his index finger.  In between Gonzalez has hit horribly which shows in his pathetic sub-.240 batting average, vanished speed, and declining pop.  This from a guy who went in the late first round in many drafts over the winter.  The fallout from all this is the fact that Gonzalez has now fallen as far as out of the top 20 fantasy baseball outfielders entirely.  If you can't stay on the field, you can't produce numbers, and thus you can't be of help to nobody.  That is the predicament Gonzalez's owners are in who couldn't even give him away before the latest DL stint.  Right now Gonzalez has lost his outfielder 1 title and outfielder 2 is even challenging if he continues to miss so many games.  For someone like myself who has preached how great Gonzalez is as a player, I am fully ready to move on for good here due to being beyond tired of all the failings and injuries.

-It really seems like Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Hanley Ramirez has been a fixture on the daily injury report for the last two months.  That is because he pretty much has been as Ramirez for the second season in a row has dealt with ongoing injury issues.  Unlike last season when Ramirez hit the DL twice due to two freakish injuries, 2014 has seen him fall prey to leg/quad/ankle injuries that tend to linger and can be identified with age and the wearing down of the body.  Ramirez finally hit the DL on Sunday after so many weeks of day-to-day statuses, this time with an oblique strain.  The feeling is that Ramirez could be back when the 15 days are up but the 12 home runs and 12 steals with a .277 average have failed to impress.  It is tough to even fathom the fact that only a few years ago Ramirez was considered the top player in the game.  Age is not being kind to the guy.

-Texas Rangers outfielder Alex Rios is another guy who has let down this season, with only four home runs while playing half of his games in Texas.  Rios was forced out of the team's game on Sunday with more pain in his right ankle and he could hit the DL as a result of it.  At 33-years-old, Rios looks like he has passed the cliff season and is on a sharp decline as only 4 home runs in that ballpark is pathetic.  The 16 steals show the speed is still present but Rios will fall incredibly short of the 42 he had a season ago.  Outfielder 3 is likely his status going forward.

-Finally both Nick Swisher and Neil Walker hit the DL Sunday with knee soreness and a back injury respectively.  This was not a major news item as Swisher is barely worth having and Walker constantly is shuffled off and on the waiver wire in most formats each season.  Still more frustration to go around.


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