Wednesday, May 28, 2014


                                                           George Springer

The talent always rises to the top.  That is the harsh lesson many initial and impatient owners of Houston Astros outfielder George Springer learned this season.  After Springer failed to hit like the top outfielder prospect in the game who nearly went 40/40 in the minors a year ago, impatience won out as he hit the wire in solid numbers the first week of May as the strikeouts piled up and the home runs and steals did not.  However those who took advantage at the good fortune of seeing Springer stupidly hit the wire after such a small sample size of numbers made out in a major way to say the least based on what has taken place from the multi-talented outfielder the last two weeks.  Seemingly turning on a switch to unleash all of his vast potential, Springer proceeded to go on an absolute tear in May as he went into Wednesday's games with a .325 average to go with 8 home runs, 20 runs, and 20 RBI.  Basically the monster across the board numbers we expected.  Well not entirely as Springer has only one steal in three attempts as he seems unsure of running.  In addition the .268 Springer is currently hitting going into Wednesday should be much lower as he is benefitting from a very lucky .358 BABIP.  Guys with Springer's type of speed can beat the BABIP regression some but not in its entirety so the average is due for a fall.  With a K rate that is still extremely high at 30 percent, Springer has also made good on the one big red flag to his game which will take its toll on his batting average. 

When you put everything together, we can look past the average and see that stardom is in this kid's future very soon.  Springer has top notch speed so as soon as he gets his stolen base timing down, he will be a solid help there as well.  The power and run production are already terrific and the best is actually on its way which really gets the hype meter moving.  Reminding me of Carlos Gomez, Springer has the look of a guy who could be in the very early round consideration next season.  Yet another reminder to stay patient with young hitters. 



  1. .258 babip is lucky?
    I drafted Springer in my keepers league in the NA spot and held him for a month after he came up and then dropped him and 2 weeks later he went on a tear and someone else got him...that sucks lol.

  2. is Springer's K rate really that much worse than someone like Adam Jones? As a Jones owner Jones seems like he has one of the worst K:B ratios in baseball.

  3. Yeah he is struggling in that area but Jones is beyond a proven guy in his prime.