Friday, May 30, 2014


                                                          Edwin EncarnaciĆ³n

By the time you read this Edwin Encarnacion probably hit another home run.  And then maybe another one.  With 16 home runs in May and counting, Encarnacion is certainly giving new meaning to what a difference a month makes.  After all it was only last month when my inbox was flooded with "what is wrong with Edwin?" queries, not to mention quite a few hate mails from others regarding my strong conviction that the Toronto slugger was valued as a first round guy.  Despite the ugly April, I continually advised patience as Encarnacion was a guy who is squarely in his hitting prime and thus would eventually pull out of the funk and unleash his complete potential.  One mistake many fantasy baseball players make is to jump to conclusions to quickly when veteran prime-age players struggle, looking to sell low or maybe even cut the guy outright.  Guys who are between the age of 26 and 34 like Encarnacion is will almost always find themselves and get back to their standard numbers unless injuries are impacting things.  This is exactly what happened with Encarnacion once May arrived as he began what has been a beyond eye-opening run of power hitting.  Just to put things in perspective, Encarnacion finished April with a .260 average and 2 home runs with 15 RBI.  The biggest issue which I spoke of back then was the fact Encarnacion was striking out at a 25 percent clip which was an outlier number for him given his career track.  Clearly uncomfortable at the time with his swing, the career numbers didn't lie which meant Encarnacion would eventually right the ship which we all know he did.  The result was a truly ridiculous May where Encarnacion goes into Friday's games with a .284 average and 16 home runs with 33 RBI.  In a word "Wow!" 

In looking deeper at the numbers, let's go back to the K rate which as I said earlier was at 25 percent by the end of April.  The K rate mark as of this writing?  How about 16.5 percent which is right in line with his career marks.  Sometimes it is simply that easy.  So going forward the rest of the way, Encarnacion is right here he should be across the board.  Never a .300 guy, Encarnacion was more of a .280 hitter who can reach 25-40 home runs which is a number he is actually on pace to surpass.  Thus Encarnacion is putting up first round numbers like I said he would.  Never lose the faith friends.


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